Four What to Watch Series on Netflix for February 2021

Four What to Watch Series on Netflix for February 2021

We’ve got some happy news for the Netflix watchers. Netflix US is getting ready to add four new delicious series by AwesomenessTv to its list from February 1, 2021. Since Netflix has been preferring to produce its own content for the platform, they weren’t picking up licensed content as much as before.

Also, as another reason why Netflix picks up licensed content rarely, amount of companies who willing to license has gotten smaller over time. On the other hand, it seems Netflix US will give us a chance to meet with something new this winter.

Here is the four new series that will be on Netflix US in February 2021

1 – Zac & Mia (Season 1-2)

The story based on the novel by A.J. which is about two teenagers who meet in the same hospital while they battling cancer. As we know we will be able to watch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix US. So, we have a lot to handle. The writer of the novel has first started to write the novel while working in a cancer ward of a children’s hospital. The biggest inspiration for the writer was one of the patients whose name was ”Tayla”. The book adapted into one of the TV shows by AwesomenessTv and first premiered in November 2017. The two main characters of the series Anne Winters ( for Mia) and Kian Lawley (for Zac) were chosen.

2 – Love Daily (Season 1)

The series covers 12 different stories of young couples and their paths to love during 12 months. Also ‘Love Daily’ features multiple young stars such as Kelli Berglund, Joey Bragg, Jack Griffo, Leo Howard, Kira Kosarin, Laura Marano, and Cameron Monaghan. We may have a chance to see some commons with our own relationship experiences. No doubt, it has already taken our attention. Can’t wait to watch it!

3 – My Dead Ex (Season 1)

The story is around the main character ‘Charley’ who lives a teenage girl life. My Dead Ex is also one of the AwesomenessTv series. Charley has a crush on a boy whose name ‘Luke’ and she tries to date him. Alongside we watch her effort for Luke, her ex-boyfriend (Ben Bloom) will appear to get her back impulsively. She will do everything to stop him because she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. However, the story will change after his death.

4 – The Unsettling (Season 1)

Starring with Willow Shields, Marguerite Moreau, Holly Taylor, and Tequan Richmond, The Unsettling first aired on HBO Nordics. Basically, the series puts us in a horror story. One of the series’s main characters Becca who is a 16-year-old girl arrives in a foster home. This new beginning of her life will be put her in a strange case. The house that she moves to could be ghost-haunted. We will see if she finds the reason for that case.

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    January 25, 2021 at 8:56 pm

    So ready for the Ozarks. Nobody’s saying when in 2021 it will release. This is highly irritating. Ozarks me please.

    1. Reply
      Yunus Emre Ozdiyar
      January 26, 2021 at 12:06 am

      we will update you when we know a certain date.

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