Money Heist season 5 first look photos dropped by Netflix

Money Heist season 5 first look photos dropped by Netflix

Netflix released some photos from the highly anticipated Money Heist season 5, which show us the intense battle inside.

Money Heist is a Netflix Original Spanish-language drama series that debuted in 2017. It’s about a group of ex-criminals brought together by a mastermind going by Professor. He organizes an immaculate plan and teaches it to the group to hit the Spanish Royal Mint. After the first season, the group aims bigger, and things get much more complicated.

After its release, Money Heist became immensely popular. Therefore, Netflix decided to renew it for a second season. It was not the end though, as they released two more seasons after that. There are currently four seasons of Money Heist on Netflix. We have been waiting for the fifth season ever since the fourth one came out in April 2020. Netflix recently announced that it’s going to come in two parts in September and December.

And now, they shared some photographs from the fifth season. “Time to face their greatest enemy yet,” the description read. We see the crew in the middle of an intense battle, and it reflects the nail-biting nature of Money Heist, as expected. You can check out the photos below.

In the first photo, we see Tokyo communicating with God-knows-who. She’s probably talking to the team, as we can rule out the Professor being available given the ending of the last season. However, you never know what he has planned. The second photo probably shows us the entrance of law enforcement as the crew seems to be surrendering against a bigger force. The third one is in the middle of an intense battle, so they’re prepared this time. Whether it be with the police or the rebels inside, we don’t know. The last one features Tokyo in a battle, too. She’s behind a cover this time, which suggests she might be in front of heavy gunfire.

Those are all speculations though, we’ll see what actually is going on with the release of Money Heist season 5. Fortunately, we do not have to wait for the release date of the fifth season as Netflix already announced it. However, the release process of the fifth season will be different from the earlier ones. Netflix is going to release Money Heist season 5 in two parts.

What is the release date of Money Heist season 5?

Netflix will release Money Heist season 5 on September 3rd, but that will be the first part. They are going to release Money Heist season 5 part 2 on December 3rd, exactly three months after the first one.

How many episodes are in Money Heist season 5?

There will be ten episodes in total in Money Heist’s fifth season. Naturally, we assume that the episodes each part of the new season will feature five episodes. That means we’ll get to see five episodes in September, and five more in December.

Will there be more seasons of Money Heist?

Unfortunately, the series is going to end after a long run. Money Heist Season 5 is going to be the finale of Netflix’s popular heist drama. December 3rd will mark the end of Money Heist.

However, they’re going to release a spin-off movie for Money Heist. You can wait for the updates on that.

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