Bigbug on Netflix: Check Reviews, Fan Reactions, Cast, Synopsis, Part 2 and More

Bigbug on Netflix: Check Reviews, Fan Reactions, Cast, Synopsis, Part 2 and More

The French sci-fi comedy, Bigbug, from director Jean Pierre Jeunet, is a high concept garish sitcom that reminds you too much of Spy Kids. After a long break, Jean, popularly known for directing Amélie, returns with a Netflix film that taps into the human anxieties about their growing dependency on robots. Should you watch this show? Let’s find out what critics and fans have to say.

Bigbug on Netflix: The plot

Jean takes us to a retro-futuristic France in 2045, where humans have become lazy and rely entirely on their robots. Alice, divorced from her husband Victor, lives alone with her robots Monique, Einstein, Tom, and Nestor. After her divorce from her husband, she finds a romantic interest in a horny pretentious suitor, Max. 

One day while Alice was enjoying quality time with Max and his son, her ex-husband arrives with their daughter, his fiance, and her gymbot. While the humans were busy bickering among themselves, there was an android uprising in the city. The news revealed that Les Yonyx was behind the revolt. The domestic robots decide to lock their humans, determining it would be unsafe outside. 

The robots want to be considered as humans while the humans want to step out and away from each other. This movie will have us reconsider our dependency on electronics and gadgets so that we don’t become a slave to them. 

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Bigbug on Netflix: Cast 

Bigbug has an elite casting that includes:

  • Elsa Zylverstein
  • Claire Chust
  • Claude Perron
  • François Levantal
  • Isabella Nanty
  • Alban Lenoir
  • Dominique Pinon
  • Stéphane De Groodt
  • Youssef Hajdi
  • Manu Payet

Check out what fans are saying

With a 5.2 rating on IMDb, Polygon calls Bigbug “a strange sci-fi story that turns a robot uprising into a French farce” while it is a “dreadful sex farce” according to Indie Wire. Now let’s look at what fans have to say about the Netflix film.


Will there be a Bigbug part 2?

We don’t know whether there will be a part 2 of Bigbug. Neither Netflix nor Jean has announced anything regarding a sequel. With the goody comedy getting mixed reviews, Netflix might make a surprise announcement in the future!

Have you streamed Bigbug on Netflix yet? What are you thoughts on it? Share with us in the comments below.

One thought on “Bigbug on Netflix: Check Reviews, Fan Reactions, Cast, Synopsis, Part 2 and More

  1. Reply
    February 19, 2022 at 3:00 pm

    I’ve watched Bigbug five times already and I’m still discovering little gags I had missed upon previous viewings. It’s brilliantly executed and loads of fun. Expect vivid palates of color, highly expressive farcical characters, and lots of wide–angle lenses. The entire cast is excellent and the narrative is thoroughly relatable in a time when we humans sense a rapid slipping away of more privacy and intimacy than we may have bargained for.
    Critics have been dumping all over this masterpiece, but having read their critiques, I see one thing clearly: many of the critics didn’t actually watch the movie. I don’t mean that I disagree with their opinions. I’m talking about major factual inaccuracies in their reviews that indicate they literally didn’t watch the movie. See for yourselves if you don’t believe me (but for heaven’s sake definitely see the movie first). You’ll see how the reviews read like book reports submitted by schoolchildren who only skimmed the Cliff’s Notes. My guess is that they just didn’t want to read subtitles, so they skipped through a few scenes while playing around with their phones, and then substituted snark for substance in hopes that nobody would notice. And they get paid for that.

    Do yourself a favor and watch Bigbug at least twice because you will definitely pick up laughs you missed the first time around. Note the date of the news broadcast and compare it to the date mentioned by Monique, for example. and what’s that on the screen in front of Toby’s treadmill? The additional morsels of humor are scattered generously throughout this gem like so many brightly–painted easter eggs.
    Enjoy this thorough delight of a flick, a colorful and potent tonic sure to soothe our weary paranoias in this absurd world of our own creation.

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