What Is the End of the Road on Netflix About? Is It Worth Watching?

What Is the End of the Road on Netflix About? Is It Worth Watching?

Netflix has a plethora of thrillers, some with an emotionally layered storyline and some just plain action. One of the most recent additions to its crime thriller catalog is the star-studded and fast-paced thriller, End of the Road. The movie has remained in the top ten of Netflix ever since its release and has the audience wondering whether to watch it or not. Keep on reading to find out what End of the Road is about and whether you should watch it or not.

What does End of the Road has in store for you?

With a run time of an hour and a half, the movie promises to be suspenseful, thrilling, and heartfelt all in one bite. If you are about to go on a family road trip then maybe watch this after you tick it off your list. Furthermore, there are many reasons to hate a family road trip and this movie will give you one more.

The plot of End of the Road follows a black family, led by Brenda, who is the sole caretaker. She is a grieving widow who is still learning how to run a family on her own. Not to mention, the said family is not very happy about leaving their home in Los Angeles.

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Right when she is telling her kids and brother about how her father was an Army colonel and has thought her how to shoot, they start getting into situations where Brenda gets to show off her skills. Racist gangsters, murder at a strange hotel, a bag of stolen cash, and a mega villain with a strange name, End of the Road has used every bad luck in the books. How Brenda fights all odds to protect her family forms the thrilling crux of this movie.

Is it worth watching?

Directed by Millicent Shelton and written by Cristopher J.Moore, the movie boasts of a star-studded cast. The leading woman, Brenda, is played by Queen Latifah, and her empty-headed brother by Ludacris. Shaun Dixon and Mychala Faith Lee play the roles of her kids.

If you are looking for a fun watch with your family, then this is your cup of tea. However, if you are looking for some logic, you are not going to find any. Furthermore, the movie has garnered an IMDb rating of 4.7/10, while Rotten Tomatoes gave it 28%.

The critic reviews weren’t stellar either. For instance, Ready Steady Cut calls the movie “Fun yet mediocre,” while The Review Geek did not find the movie satisfying. A possible reason for such reviews could be the caricaturish nature of the characters, as Variety puts it. Check it out on Netflix.

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