‘Donkeyhead’ Is on Netflix – Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, And More

‘Donkeyhead’ Is on Netflix – Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, And More

Netflix has recently started focusing on films that are related to Indian culture and keeps adding to the library. One of the latest additions is Donkeyhead.

Relationships within the family are complicated, just like love. Within the sibling’s relationship, often the rebellious one is always left alone. The film explores the mistakes of the protagonist, not the triumph. She is not  a hero or a villain, she is just a regular person like us, trying to go through each day. Donkeyhead on Netflix follows such a character.

Here’s you need to know about Donkeyhead on Netflix.

Donkeyhead release date

Punjabi parents mostly use the word “Donkeyhead” as a sign of affection while talking to their children. However, the film does not showcase the stereotypical depiction of a South Asian family. Instead, it explores the themes of independence and Asian cultural expectations.

The Netflix film was first premiered at the Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival in Mississauga, Ontario, on December 1, 2021, and has won awards like Best Fiction and Best Canadian Features. Since January 21, 2022, the film is streaming on Netflix.

The cast

The cast of the film is remarkable. Notably, Agam Darshi plays the role of Mona. Alongside Agam, the other cast includes:

  • Stephen Lobo
  • Sandy Sidhu
  • Husein Madhavji
  • Kim Coates
  • Marvin Ishmael
  • Balinder Johal

What Donkeyhead is about?

Netflix’s Donkeyhead is a Canadian comedy-drama film by Agam Darshi that centers on the relationships of grown-up children with their parents after they move out from their parent’s house. In the film, an unsuccessful immigrant writer from Canada moves in with her parents to nurse her ailing father, even though she has a complicated relationship with her father.

The film develops around Mona played by Agam Darshi, a failed immigrant Punjabi writer, who dedicated her whole life to taking care of her ailing Sikh father, which leads her life to be stuck in a hole. Unfortunately, when her father has a stroke, her three successful siblings try to take control of her father’s and Mona’s situation. Will Mona ever be able to take control of her life?


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Critics Reviews

Donkeyhead has scored 7.2/10 on IMDb. So, let’s see what the critics have to say.

Beatrice Loayza from New York Times says, “Despite her minor rebellions, Mona remains a frustratingly opaque character; a stereotypically troubled woman whose eventual awakening merits a shrug at most.”

Jared Mobarak from The Film Stage wrote, “No matter how funny Donkeyhead can prove, it’s also quite devastating. Just because the other three could survive [childhood] better doesn’t mean they avoided scars.”

Los Angeles Times declared the film as, “Familiar but still heartrending…”


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