Fewer Episodes, More Jaskier, and a Merry Witchmas: The Witcher: Blood Origin has surprises for fans both good and bad

Fewer Episodes, More Jaskier, and a Merry Witchmas: The Witcher: Blood Origin has surprises for fans both good and bad

2020 sure was a merry year for The Witcher fans. It was the time when they announced a live-action prequel of Netflix’s most loved fantasy, The Witcher: Blood Origin. Centering on the origin of the very first Witchers, It will take us 1,200 years from the current Witcherverse to the Elven world. Although the show was set for a 2022 release, we haven’t still got a fixed date. However, we do have something important to share with you.

Apparently, the reshoots of this prequel have been in production for quite a long time now. But they had kept everything pretty hush-hushed, making people wonder what was happening on the sets. So, let us give you some insights on the Michelle Yeoh-starring limited series.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is down to four episodes

Earlier, they addressed that the fans will get six episodes of the prequel. However, recent sources claim that they cut it short by two episodes. This might leave fans rather shocked, but it seems like the streaming giant has done heavy editing, and we will get only four episodes to tell the story of the witcher’s origin. 

Notably, the first and last episodes remain rather untouched. That means they must have merged the 2, 3, 4, and 5th chapters in two episodes only. Well, that doesn’t mean the first and last remain entirely unaffected, but a little damage is done as compared to the middle ones. Further, the writing credits for all the Blood Origin episodes are:

  • Episode 1: Declan de Barra
  • Episode 2: Alex Meenehan/Aaron Stewart-Ahn
  • Episode 3: Tania Lotia/Kiersten Van Horne
  • Episode 4: Declan de Barra/Tasha Huo

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The source added that the goal of the reshoots and cuts was to make Blood Origin resemble the main, The Witcher series while also polishing and removing some of the weaker content. Although the episodes got fewer, here’s the good news. Fans will get more of Jaskier to intrigue them with his enchanting music.

The Witcher prologue will have more of the fan-favorite bard, Jaskier

We have all heard about the legend of Julian Alfred Pankratz, Viscount de Lettenhove better known as Jaskier (b. 1222). A rather fine species of the Witcher world, who expresses the anecdotes of Witchmas through his melody. It seems like his poetry desires to be in that landscape forever. It dilutes the essence of the witcher society. Here’s the good news. Joey Batey, who is playing Jaskier in the series, was seen on the sets of The Witcher prequel more times than expected.

Last year in October, we came to knowledge that our quintessential hero was supposed to appear in a prologue set in the present, telling his audience the tale of Blood Origin. An elf would then interrupt him and correct Jaskier’s vibrant and inaccurate account of what happened before telling the true story. Seemingly, Jaskier was brought back for a few of the reshoots. Thus his involvement in The Witcher: Blood Origin has grown beyond that. Hence, we can expect more tunes from the bard.

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