Fans predict what the Stranger Things Characters’ YouTube Channels Would Look Like

Fans predict what the Stranger Things Characters’ YouTube Channels Would Look Like

A show is nothing without its fans. And luckily, by fate, Stranger Things has one of the greatest fanbases in the whole world. They not only watch the show multiple times but actively talk about it and make theories and predictions. Netflix knows this very well, and they more than often try to include fans in debates or discussions by throwing popular questions at them.

However, this time Youtube has posted a question on Twitter that has created a landslide among fans. Answers and replies have come from all around the world. Why don’t we take a look at some of them?

What if Stranger Things characters had Youtube accounts

As the fourth season of Stranger Things is fast approaching, the huge fanbase of the show is now again active. They are constantly making predictions and theories about the new season. They are also sharply surfing the internet for any little clue they might’ve missed for the promotional material like teasers, characters, posters, and trailers. And they are really good at it.

Amidst all this, Youtube posted a question on their Twitter account that has become really popular. The question is

One of the greatest things about the hit superhero show is that it is set in the 80s. Many people from day one fell in love with the horror setting that Stranger Things delivered. But it also means that it does not have present-day social media apps. No social media means no texting, no posting, etc.

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But one does wonder what our favorite gang from Hawkins will do in this day and age. So naturally, many people answered the above question, with our favorite being by Forest || 20.

According to the user, If the Stranger Things characters had a youtube account, they would use it extensively live.

Mike would do social experiments. Will would make dnd videos, Lucas would make top 10 videos, and Dustin would make testing gadgets. Max would make gaming videos. El would make daily vlogs; Hopper would make tips on growing your channel, and Joyce would make “how-to” videos.

What do you think the characters would do with other social media accounts? Let us know in the comments.

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