Fans Decode a Split-Second Easter Egg in Stranger Things 4 Trailer to Decipher the Villain’s Name

Fans Decode a Split-Second Easter Egg in Stranger Things 4 Trailer to Decipher the Villain’s Name

Fans worldwide were given the first look at the Stranger Things 4 in the form of a trailer. They immediately string decoding possible hints or clues from the two-minute trailer as the Duffer brothers have a history of potential giveaways in promotional material.

However, one sharp-sighted fan has discovered something that has been missed by the best of the best. Let us see what it was.

Stranger Things 4 had secret timestamps

Fans quickly began going over the scenes in the Stranger Things 4 trailer and looking for possible hints regarding the forthcoming season.

Certain fans noticed some digits concealed at the 1:59 timestamp as they obsessively watched every second of the Stranger Things 4 trailer. Four sets of digits flashed in a flash, and they looked to be timestamps.

The numbers are :33, :52, 1:46, 2:30.

The numerals, according to viewers, might identify key periods in the trailer.


There appears to be no relationship between the scenes in the Stranger Things 4 trailer. The prior teases, too, had no link because they were so brief.

Stranger Things has previously hidden coordinates in marketing materials. But it doesn’t add up because commas rather than colons separate the numbers. Furthermore, just two are required for a location. As a result, yet another dead end.

Reddit user makes a discovery

Stranger Things fans are known for leaving no stone unturned, and it appears that one Reddit user may be onto something. Each still from the timestamps in the Stranger Things 4 trailer was taken by one Redditor to mark up the locations where the numbers had blurred out around them.

They discovered the letters I, A, and M around the 33-second point. At the 52-second point, they found the word “hell” and an S at the 1:46 mark. They came upon the word “master” at the last position.

“I am Hell’s Master,” you get when you put them all together.

Dungeons & Dragons is a big part of Stranger Things. Mike and Dustin are shown in the Stranger Things 4 trailer sporting Hellfire Club shirts, implying that they are members of the Hawkins High School Dungeons & Dragons club.  Is this a reference to the new character Eddie’s status as the club’s president and official Dungeon Master?

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These are really great revelations that make the already exciting season even more appetizing.

What do you think about the numbers and their apparent meaning? Let us know in the comments below.

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