Fans Complain About the Supporting Actors’ Cast in Stranger Things 4: “It’s so distracting”

Fans Complain About the Supporting Actors’ Cast in Stranger Things 4: “It’s so distracting”

It feels like the whole world has come to a stop. But this time, no pandemic has caused a sudden halt in our lives but the new season of Stranger Things. Everyone wanted to watch the new season as soon as possible. But they wanted to talk about it even sooner. A huge part of enjoying a show like Stranger Things is the joy of discussing it with your friends or even strangers online. And after watching the first few episodes, a major point of discussion is Stranger Things 4 cast.

There hasn’t been a single recast in the show for well over five years now. But there surely have been a lot of new additions to the supporting cast. However, this year, people feel that the additional cast of the show is creating an unusual problem.

Let us look into the complaints that the fans have.

Stranger Things 4 supporting cast is confusing the viewers

Stranger Things is surely one of those shows which people absolutely love. They do not match it just to relish the great story or the new adventures. But they stream it so that they can scrutinize every single detail and then talk about it in detail.

And since the fans literally broke the internet this morning it shows how badly they wanted to see the fresh batch of episodes. However, after intense binge-watching sessions, fans have started to debate the show. A popular topic among fans is the supporting cast.

Many since the release of the new season have come forward to talk about how they feel that the show is actually casting extremely old actors in relatively young roles. This the fans feel is very confusing.

A Reddit user raised the issue saying, “It’s so distracting though. I wasn’t sure if the captain of the basketball team was the coach or a player. Honestly, I could picture him running for mayor.”

It is for a certain that Netflix has cast older actors to play young roles. But it is for a reason. The justification behind casting older actors is to make the growing cast of Stranger Things look young as all of them are still in high school. But in reality, the whole cast has graduated.

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A Reddit user describes it best, “They probably cast 30-year-olds to make the main kids actually seem like 14-15 year old.” 

What are your thoughts on the matter? Does watching older actors confuse you? Let us know in the comments.


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