“Every ‘Top Boy’ Has Their Time” – Renewed for a Last Season 3, What Does the Top Boy Final Chapter Hold for Sully?

“Every ‘Top Boy’ Has Their Time” – Renewed for a Last Season 3, What Does the Top Boy Final Chapter Hold for Sully?

Netflix announced that the British gangster drama, Top Boy, is returning for a final season. Season 2 just dropped on the platform 2 weeks back. The show stars Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson in the lead as Dushane and Sully, respectively. It follows Dushane, a gangster who wants to build an empire of his own and become the number one in the Summerhouse estate. Sully, his partner, wants to live a crime-free life but is unable to let go of the wealth and power that comes with the drug business.

Recently, Netflix took to its Twitter account to share the trailer. The trailer is a bunch of moody scenes revealing very less information about the next season. So fans will have to keep waiting for more news. Top Boy season 3 will start filming this summer. 

What to expect from Top Boy season 3?

Originally the show aired on Channel 4, but it was dropped by the broadcaster in 2014. That was until Drake watched the show and came on board as an executive producer. His efforts led to the show’s revival on Netflix and it debuted its first season in 2019. 

The last season opened with Jamie getting out of prison. He starts working for Dushane again, unwillingly but he plans to disrupt Dushane’s business and his hold over Summerhouse. Meanwhile, Dushane brings back Sully into the game again. In a shocking finale, we see Sully putting a bullet through Jamie’s head. The unexpected finale left the fans reeling over the death of a major character. Top Boy season 3 is likely to move forward from Jamie’s death and from the trailer it looks like someone will die again. 

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Walters praises Kane says he’s like Scorsese

Kane, also known as rapper Kano, rewrites a lot of his scenes. Walter revealed this startling fact in an interview. He complimented his creativity, “This guy is like (director Martin) Scorsese.” 

So what happens is, I’ll come in in the morning, into my trailer and someone will knock… ‘Kano would like to see you’, and then I have to go and have an hour discussion with this guy about a scene that he’s rewritten, that he won’t show me,” he explained further.

But, in his defense, some of those moments have been the most iconic scenes and have made me step up my game,” he adds. 

Kane Robinson has recently nabbed a leading role in Daniel Kaluuya’s dystopian drama The Kitchen

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