Every Country’s Most Favorite Netflix Originals Series

Every Country’s Most Favorite Netflix Originals Series

Netflix Originals series is gonna so popular every day around worldwide. For every country, they have different subscription genre in this streaming service. Now we have to look at the details which countries most favorite Netflix Originals on the platform?

There are too many movies, series, documentaries, or shows on here. So every country subscribers focus on the different genres on the platform. Some regions focus on sci-fi, some regions watch drama series, or some of them like the fantasy series. We got some help from the BudgetDirect compared to which countries watch Netflix Originals on there. They do this with each country through Google searches and some online database website according to different categories.

What the world’s most popular Netflix Original is different countries?

During the ongoing pandemic, countries from worldwide asked their residents to stay at home. This research meant millions of people were stuck at home with online platforms like Netflix as their number-one titles. What did each country spend most of their pandemic time watching with different Originals?

What the world's most popular Netflix Original is different countries?
Netflix Originals

Some keynotes for that Originals titles around the world:

  • Stranger Things is the most-searched Netflix Original series in the world, with a total of 7,420,860 searches on the internet
  • The most-searched Netflix Originals Film in the world is The Irishman, with 2,484,160 searches on the internet
  • The most searches on the USA for the top title in every genre, including 1.8million for Stranger Things and 1million for The Irishman
  • More than 90% of European countries share the favorite comedy (Orange Is The New Black), documentary (Tiger King), anime series (The Seven Deadly Sins), and reality show (Love Is Blind)
Originals titles around the world:
Originals Titles Around the World

If you live in the EUROPE, only two countries have a favorite Netflix Originals series that is neither Stranger Things nor La Casa de Papel: Ireland (The Irishman…) and Vatican City (Living With Yourself). So for NORTH AMERICA viewers, Stranger Things is the top Netflix Original of the US, Canada, and Mexico, while other North American countries have other favorites on there.

MIDDLE EAST or CENTRAL ASIA countries, mostly watched Sex Education is top in Uzbekistan. AFRICA: Stranger Things is nowhere to be seen in there, with La Casa de Papel (34 countries) and The Witcher (17 countries) dominating interest. And THE REST OF ASIA & OCEANIA, there is one of the most-watched anime franchise sequels Ultraman is top in Indonesia and Malaysia. Trivia: The original show was a hit tokusatsu (effects-laden live-action production) in Japan in the 1960s. However, The Seven Deadly Sins was the most searched anime series in 127 countries around the world.

So what about the documentary series, Tiger King most the interests of people in 138 countries around the worldwide. You can also check every country’s most watched and favorite Netflix Originals series, movies, anime, or documentaries below!


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