Euphoria’s Javon Walton to Star in the Umbrella Academy Season 3, What Is Going to Be His Role?

Euphoria’s Javon Walton to Star in the Umbrella Academy Season 3, What Is Going to Be His Role?

Netflix adds Euphoria’s alum Javon Walton to the star cast of The Umbrella Academy season 3. After the conclusion of the critically acclaimed HBO series, rumor mills have been abuzz with Ashtray (Javon) joining another show. While nothing was confirmed then, Netflix announced on Tuesday through their Twitter handle. 

Netflix tweeted: “I heard a rumor…that Javon Walton is joining the cast of Umbrella Academy season 3- and I’m happy to confirm that it is true!” 

Javon plays Ashtray, Fezco’s little adopted brother in Euphoria. The character had a sad beginning, he was abandoned as a child. But he met with an even worse end. He died in a police encounter. 

We still don’t know anything about the character on The Umbrella Academy season 3. Netflix has kept it under wraps, but with this announcement, fans are all the more excited. 

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What to expect from season 3?

The Umbrella Academy season 3 won't be on Netflix in July 2021

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy ended with a banger. Our beloved superheroes, the Hargreeves siblings accidentally created an alternate timeline. In this alternate timeline, Sir Reginald Hargreeves is very much alive. Adding to that shocker, The Umbrella Academy never existed. Instead, in its place, Sir Reginald found The Sparrow Academy. So it’s safe to assume that season 3 will be building on the alternate timeline. The siblings will be competing with the Sparrow siblings while averting even more catastrophic events. 

The Umbrella Academy season 3 release date

Filming for season 3 wrapped up in September 2021, last year. Technically the series should have been here by the middle of the year, but due to the amount of CGI used, it may take longer. The post-production of The Umbrella Academy takes a lot of time as the team focuses on creating the best visual effects. 

Everett Burrell, the visual supervisor said, “A lot of the feature film effects tools have now trickled down into the TV industry, so we’re able to get bigger and more epic-looking stuff… So every season, we have to top ourselves by utilizing the newest and best tools that we can get a hold of.”

Netflix has not made any official statement regarding the show’s release date yet. 

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