Emily in Paris’ Star Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu Is Stepping Into the Crown Season 5 as Monique Ritz

Emily in Paris’ Star Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu Is Stepping Into the Crown Season 5 as Monique Ritz

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu became everyone’s favorite boss after she played the headstrong, inflexible Sylvie Grateau on the Netflix show, Emily in Paris. She is often at loggerheads with the younger and American transfer, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins). Serious about her work and very open about her romantic flings, Sylvia dramatically resigned from her post in Season 2. Whether she’ll be back for a third season is not known, but it’s for certain that you will see much more of her on your TV screen. The marketing boss will soon assume the role of Monique Ritz for The Crown season 5. 

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The acclaimed Netflix series, The Crown which chronicles the British royal family recently cast the actress in the role of Charles Ritz’s widow. He was the owner of the Paris hotel where Princess Diana and his son, Dodi Fayed, Mohammed Al Fayed’s son spent the night before the fateful car crash. Ritz would later sell his family hotel to Mohammed Al Fayed in 1979. 

The 58-year-old actress expressed her excitement after nabbing the role. “It was a very small thing but it was a lot of fun and I was so, so happy to be in it,” she said to UK’s Daily Mail.

She also praised the show for its impeccable writing. “Every episode is like a little film on its own. It’s crazily well written.” 

The crown season 5: When is the premiere date?

Season 5 of The Crown has not announced an official date yet, but the show will land on Netflix later this year, in November 2022.

The forthcoming season will focus on the 1990s which was a very bad year for the royal family. It will dramatize the years when John Majors was in power and the marital breakdown of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, following her tragic death. The nation was in mourning over Diana’s death. Apart from these, a major fire broke out at Windsor Castle, the current weekend residence of the Queen. Imelda Staunton, Elizabeth Debicki, Jonathan Pryce, Dominic West, and Jonny Lee Miller will replace the older actors.

The show will also be returning for a sixth installment. How excited are you to watch the new cast member?

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