Duffer Brothers Kept Max Alive, But What Does Sadie Sink Want For Her Character in ‘Stranger Things’

Duffer Brothers Kept Max Alive, But What Does Sadie Sink Want For Her Character in ‘Stranger Things’

Sadie Sink has become one of the fan favorites while her journey as Max Mayfield on the smash hit Stranger Things. Especially her depiction in season 4 of the Netflix show created hype for the character. Although before the release of the penultimate season, nobody knew how essential this red-haired teen would be for the show. Previously, Mad Max has only been a mysterious skateboarder for characters as well as viewers.

But this time, she blew off people’s minds by baiting herself to the most horrifying villain of the show. The girl who was traumatized and guilt-ridden after the death of her stepbrother, Dear Billy, becomes the target of this sorcerer. Even though the Hawkins team tried to save her, she wasn’t anything more than a void in the end. As for now, Duffer Brothers have kept her alive, but is it really what the actress wants for her character in the finale?

What does Sadie Sink want for Max in the finale of Stranger Things? 

During her appearance on the Variety Awards Circuit podcast, Sadie Sink talked about her character in Stranger Things. In this episode, the American actress stated that if Max wakes up from the coma, she might flee that place.

“I think she’s gonna get out of Hawkins. She’s too smart to stay there. But she’s also a very loyal friend, so who knows?” explained The Whale star.

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Moreover, Sink continued that she didn’t know that the creators were planning to kill her in season 4. But they changed their decision and left her brain dead in the hospital to let fans wonder. According to the 20-year-old star, Matt and Ross Duffer have calculated all the aspects and only kill a character with a purpose. Just like the death of Eddie Munson became an inevitable heroic memory for viewers.

Therefore, she would be satisfied with whatever fate they choose for her character in the end. And she would still be content if they killed her because it would significantly impact the plot. Meanwhile, Sadie Sink is just happy Max is still alive and that there is hope for her survival.

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What do you think? Will Max survive the deadly attack of Vecna? Or he just broke her will for life?

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