Dr. Elvira Recommends Scream Therapy for Netflix and Chills

Dr. Elvira Recommends Scream Therapy for Netflix and Chills

For fans who are struggling with “anxiety, stress, and jitters”, Dr. Elvira wants you to sit for a good scare. She has a library full of spooky content recommendations to fulfill your hunger for horror.

So, to keep up with Halloween night, she has several recommendations of ghoulish films and series. The mistress of darkness will herself prescribe fans a weekly dose of Netflix and Chills. Our iconic hostess Elvira is here to host the schedule of spooky and chilling films and series premiering throughout Halloween month on Netflix.

Mistress of the Dark, Elvira says, “The world’s been a bit mad lately. You’ve probably had a few anxieties bubbling up, but not to worry. It’s nothing a little scare can’t help.”

Dr. Elvira, Halloween month recommendations on Netflix

As part of the celebration, Netflix releases spooky films and series around October as Halloween approaches. The films There’s Someone Inside Your House, Fever Dream, Night Teeth, and Hypnotic are up and already streaming on Netflix.

Elvira will recommend both new releases and classic horror films to watch every Sunday. She proclaims, “Horror and thrillers are good for your health”.

October is lined up with A Tale Of Dark and Grimm, Dark Skies, Hotel Del Luna: Season 1, and all the parts of Jaws. Other classics like Mars Attacks!, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: Season 1, and Zodiac are also streaming on Netflix.

Dr. Elvira, the queen of horror, says, “Heart-pounding thrillers can combat stress because they’re designed to elicit a shock response. This releases hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine, resulting in a mood boost.”

An upcoming horror blockbuster that will be live on Netflix is Locke and Key Season 2.

Other stocked up thrilling content of Netflix are Fear Street, Night books, and Midnight Mass, which recently released and are receiving a lot of positive critical reviews.

Elvira and Netflix have got you covered in the month of Halloween, and you might want to keep your lights on at the night. So, sit back and Netflix & Chills.

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Let us know in the comments, what are your horror favorites on Netflix?

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