Did Marvel Release a Trailer for a Live-Action Movie of ‘He-Man’? Thor Love and Thunder Looks Just About That

Did Marvel Release a Trailer for a Live-Action Movie of ‘He-Man’? Thor Love and Thunder Looks Just About That

The whole world was shouting and screaming yesterday after the first teaser for the much-awaited Thor Love and Thunder was released. With so much madness going around, fans can’t keep calm. After Avengers Endgame, various series and movies are dropping, which explore the life of individual superheroes – Wanda Vision, Loki, Hawkeye , and many more. The new teaser comes with a fresh take on the life of Thor after the events of Endgame.

However, fans of another great superhero were quick to react by saying this might be the only opportunity we’ll get to see “Him.”

Let us see which superhero de people feel Thor resembles within the latest teaser for Love and Thunder.

Thor Love and Thunder is a He-Man live-action film?

We all have grown up watching the might He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. And when Netflix released their Original 3D animation version of the strongest man in the universe, we all were eternally grateful. But one thing fans of the wielder of the Power Sword have been deprived of still is a live-action film.

But after watching the teaser for the newest Thor movie, fans of He-Man felt that this might be a He-Man live-action film after all.

Now we know you must be thinking about how this can be a He-Man film. But hear us out.

If you think about it, Thor and He-Man aren’t so different. They both have strong weapons that sort of help them portray their immense powers. Also, both can project huge currents of lightning through their choices of weapons.

Both are physically similar to being extremely well built and having gorgeous golden locks. And both have been trained in combats and are ferocious fighters.

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Also if not for their appearance Thor and He-Man have quite similar demeanors. Both are the seemingly careless princes of a vast and powerful planet. And with time start to learn their responsibilities.

The two characters are so beloved by their respective fan base that they have gone head to head on many occasions in the comics. And debates among fans about who will emerge victoriously are a topic of many debates.

A He-Man live-action after all?

By now we hope that you will be able to see how similar these two characters are. And in the new Thor movie, we will see Thor trying to understand his place and who he is. This is something that He-Man does too in the comics.

So for what it’s worth, this is the closest we will be to getting a He-Man live-action film till the foreseeable future.

He-Man is a property of DC Comics so when an actual He-Man film will be hitting theaters is hard to say. But let’s stay hopeful and pray that after the release of Thor Love and Thunder on July 8th DC sees the potential of their own version of Thor and gives us a movie.

Meanwhile, for all the lovers of He-Man. Netflix currently has two seasons of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe streaming right now. And they also have a sequel to the original ’80s series Masters of the Universe: Revelation available too.

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