Demon Slayer season 2 will not be on Netflix in July 2021

Demon Slayer season 2 will not be on Netflix in July 2021

Demon Slayer season 2 will not be on Netflix in July 2021. What is the release date of the beloved anime’s second season?

The fans of the famous anime are eagerly waiting for the second season. After watching the Mugen Train, Demon Slayer fans are hyped up and ready to watch the new episodes of the series.

The second season will be an adaptation of the Entertainment District Arc that depicts the events after Mugen Train. So if you have not watched the Demon Slayer movie, we have saddening news for you. The anime movie has shattered the industry and became one of the highest-grossing anime titles. Yet unfortunately, it is not available on Netflix. And the earlier possible release date for the movie seems really far away.

This, unfortunately, applies to the second season of the anime as well. Fans of the anime will have to wait for a really long time to watch Tanjiro and his company as they discover the district of Yoshiwara. Troubled by criminal activities and demon forces, Tanjiro will not only follow his own journey but also help others that are under demon’s threats.

Demon Slayer season 2 will not be on Netflix in July 2021

There is still not an official announcement regarding the release date of the second season. Though fans should not lose hope as the new installment of the series will probably arrive some time in 2021. This also gives you a time gap to watch the movie as well.

There are also reports indicating that the new season will start airing during October 2021. Yet you should take this piece of information with a pinch of salt as it is a rumor.

The world’s leading streamer has surprised its users in the past. Although it is a long shot, we might actually see the movie and the second season this year or in the first quarter of 2022 as well.

Due to the distribution rights and the localization process, the two projects might as well hit Netflix months later too. In any case, we are going to wait for a long time to meet Tanjiro again.

Demon Slayer Mugen Train Netflix Release Date

Demon Slayer the Movie has finished its run in the US back in April. Though Netflix tends to wait for some time before offering an anime in its library. Like many other hit anime series, Demon Slayer the Movie will probably land on the service months later as it is now in the Netflix Jail.

The second season of the anime will get the same treatment as well. The subscribers of the popular streaming service will have to wait for a long time so that the show completes its original run. And from that point, Netflix starts subbing and dubbing the second season to make it available for the viewers.

That being said, the first season is still available to watch on Netflix with its 26 episodes. We do not know how many episodes will be there in the second season. Though it should have at least 20 episodes like the first season of Demon Slayer.

Here’s everything to know about Demon Slayer season 2 release date on Netflix and Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train.

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