DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Is Now on Netflix – Spoilers & Ending Explained

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Is Now on Netflix – Spoilers & Ending Explained

It’s been a long time since Legends of Tomorrow haven’t come with a new episode. The series is yet to be renewed by the platform. But, the creator of the show, Keto Shimizu claims, the final episode of Season 7, is not the end of the show.

Legends of Tomorrow is an American television series by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, Phil Klemmer, and also Keto Shimizu, who added to the crew team from Season 4. The show is inspired by one of the DC comics, which launched on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow also shows the future of Arrow and The Flash.

Every other year, the time-traveling show renewed its sequel season by now. But this time, it seems we are waiting for a long time. Many of the fans have already questioned the creators that it has been the end of Legends of Tomorrow. But some still have faith. We have faith in the writers, who have been taken this much time to prepare a well-crafted draft. Because the future of the show depends upon them.

The penultimate episode, where all the legends retire and Gideon takes over as the Waverider’s captain, makes sense as a last episode. But, the episode ends with a cliff-hanging situation when Evil Gideon sends Gary into space and Gwyn discovers Alun is a robot.

Now let’s find out if the show’s final episode is the series ender.

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Will Legends of Tomorrow really end?

In conversation with TV Line, Keto Shimizu, the creator of the show claims, “Just because of the timing of everything, we had to just go forth and create a story that felt satisfying and exciting for us as writers and thinking [about] the fans and what they would want to see… but not having any idea of whether or not we would continue this story afterward.”

Shimizu also explains that it is their choice to create a propulsive season. So that we can have a sequel season of the show. It’s a high risk, but none of this content creation will be there if they didn’t take any risks. Shimizu also expresses they were building this suspense for a long time. But it can’t be the last episode. He says, “Something was always going to give, something was always going to change everything at the last minute, and that’s why it felt necessary to tell that story and kind of get it out of the way.” 

The final season of Legends of Tomorrow will pick up from the horrifying moment when Gwyn took the CPU out of his robot beau’s head. Have some patience for the epic finale season.

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