The Netflix Dating Express – Here are The Best Dating Shows on Netflix You Must Not Miss

The Netflix Dating Express – Here are The Best Dating Shows on Netflix You Must Not Miss

Dating shows have this unique aura that attracts audiences. We get so much involved with the couples that we laugh and cry with them. It breaks our heart to see them heartbroken, and sometimes we secretly hope that a certain entity does not match with someone we deeply love. Among many, indulging in this guilty pleasure is something we all love from the core of our hearts. And, Netflix has understood that well.

Over time, the streaming giant has produced many diverse dating shows, and sometimes you might get lost in its vast library. Therefore, here we have combed down all the beautiful dating shows on Netflix that you must not miss-

Love Is Blind

Throughout the series, they place singles in ”pods” through which they date. As the couples get to know each other and form a heart-to-heart connection; they decide to engage. Surprisingly, they can only meet in person after the affiance. Following the event, the couples are sent to resorts where they get to know each other better. On the marriage day, couples are asked ”Is Love Blind?” Their answer decides the rest.

And the good news is, Netflix recently confirmed seasons 3, 4, and 5 of this dating reality show. It will continue the hunt for a potential partner and reveal who are all still dating from season 2. Quickly finish watching this one as there are more dating shows on Netflix, waiting just for you.

Love is Blind: After the Altar

A spin-off of the unique experimental dating show, Love is Blind. It is a reunion of former contestants of the prime show. While a few couples celebrate their successful marriage, others meet their exes and friends for the first time after their dating period.

The first season dropped on March 4th, and the second one is already on its way. So get ready, put on the fanciest dress, and party with our love birds, only on Netflix.

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Too Hot to Handle

The idea of platonic love is indeed too hot to handle. And that’s exactly what this dating show makes couples swear- to win the grand prizes- they have to give up sex.

There are intimate couples who giggle, share dirty talks, and have all the fun in the villa on the shores of a heavenly island. But their notion of having sexcation is turned over when they enter the villa. $100,000 price money is announced for anyone who stays abstinent for four entire weeks.

Will they be able to control their desire? Or will they give up the prize money? Stream this dating show on Netflix today to find out! And make it soon, because a new season is already on its way.

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Dating Around

Dating Around Netflix has become quite a task nowadays! But this one makes it easier. Dating Around let the contestants go on not one, not two, but five first dates simultaneously! Within the first date, they have to woo and impress their partners with all the dirty-sweet tactics.

The contestants then get to choose a single partner they would want to go on a second date with. When the flirty banter is over, an honest connection starts. Be a part of this show which honest and compelling look at the real world of wooing potential mates.

Are You The One?

Contestants try to seek love in a 10-week stay at a destination house altogether where true love is really put to the test. Along the way, couples go into this thing called a truth booth to find out if they are a “perfect match” or “no-match” at all.

If the secretly paired couples manage to succeed, they get to share prize money of 1 million dollars. People refuse to move on, and some even go missing in this reality dating show. Stream it today to find your ‘the one’, only on Netflix.

Single’s Inferno

Netflix provided its matchmaking service to Korean youth as well. Apparently, nine ready to mingle, flirty Korean singles are dragged to an estranged island, only to help them have a love life! Yes, they are only allowed to escape the island once they find a perfect potential partner for themselves. A quirky way of matchmaking indeed! But there is a lot of fun watching these extremely hot Koreans involving all the flirt and dirt in their quest for love.

So, dear fans of K-Drama, leave everything and start binging on Single’s Inferno. You may also find a potential crush for yourself.

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Sexy Beasts

Personality is indeed an important factor to date someone. While there are beautiful poetries written, and songs sung for love at first sight, having someone you can vibe with throughout your lifetime is a true blessing. While Love is Blind sought its solution by putting the contestants in a cubicle; Sexy Beasts turned the participants into wild animals who actually look sexy. It’s fine. Even we had a gasp, knowing this.

Among many other dating shows on Netflix, this one is awkwardly different yet captivating in its own ways. Stream Sexy Beasts on Netflix to see how these wild animals look in their actual human form.

Say I Do

At a certain point in life, we all think about our dream wedding. A grand place, aesthetically decorated, with a finely crafted altar, is where we want to kiss our life partner. Wail, wait. Don’t start daydreaming just yet. For Scout productions and our beloved streaming giant is here to make your dream come true.

Throughout the series, three professionals design and plan a dream wedding and couples get to rejoice in their marriage, overcoming all the obstacles. If you are planning a wedding anytime soon, watch this heart-tugging series to get some really alluring ideas.

Back With The Ex

While many people give a red light to the relationships once they end, others are open to giving it a second chance. But we have this constant fear of whats and hows if we opt to take the latter path. This series is exclusively made to help us rekindle our love. It follows two couples who broke up when one cheated on the other after six years of relationship. However, they decide to give it a go again. There are emotional reunions and heart-warming moments.

If you are curious enough to know what boils down, stream it right away on Netflix.

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Love On The Spectrum

There are people so great at communication, so great at wooing someone with their beautiful words, that it almost feels like they are singing a soft love melody to us. And then there are autistic people. They might not be comfortable in socializing but they too have desires. Love On The Spectrum is a dating home for our autistic friends.

It has the potential to broaden minds, and even help them find the love of their life. It also helps us understand what autism exactly is. And it has people with great fashion. And the good news is, Netflix is also bringing Love On The Spectrum to the US soon.

Indian Matchmaking

Netflix seems to be very interested in matching people with their potential partners across the globe. While Korea has Single’s Inferno, India got Indian Matchmaking– a dating reality show with a perfect name for the country!

In the documentary, matchmaker Sima Taparia guides clients in the US and India into an arranged marriage. It is also a portrayal of the modern era and its customs.

Gaining such high reception and viewership, Netflix already announced its spinoff, Jewish Matchmaking. Just like the original series, it will follow singles from US and Isreal, guided by a Jewish Matchmaker.

Dated and Related

Siblings are meant to be together till the doomsday. But now, will they start dating each other as well? To our relief, that time has not come yet in the world of streamers. However, in this upcoming dating reality show, siblings will look over to each other’s love interests (as if they never do). They can either approve of it or cut you off. Either way, the show is set to complicate your love interests.

The Ultimatum

Ultimatum is the ultimate dating reality show that will keep you glued to your seats till the last hour. Set to hit our screens and heart soon, it will follow a few couples who aspire to marry. But here’s a little twist- While one of the partners is totally into the relationship, the other is still doubtful for a lifelong commitment.

Helmed by the producers of Love is Blind, it will give a chance to the couple to actually swipe their partners. That is they will get to realize how it is like to be in a fresh relationship. Dramatic, right? Well, that’s what the show is about. Many will break, many will make, but only some will relate. The first and second seasons of the show will soon be available on Netflix.

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To further add to the heat of these dating shows, Netflix recently tweeted a music video by Netflix Reality Boy Band aka N-2-LUV that will give you butterflies in your gut.

Do let us know in the comment section which of these reality dating shows on Netflix intrigued you the most.

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