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When Will Criminal Minds Come to Netflix UK or the other regions?

When will Criminal Minds come to Netflix UK? How to watch the police procedural drama in the United Kingdom?

There is no doubt that Criminal Minds is one of the best police and crime dramas out there. With 15 seasons and hundreds of episodes, the smash-hit TV series offers a solid narrative with each episode. Thanks to its brilliant characters and interesting topics, it is one of those TV series where you just randomly pick an episode and it is still pretty amazing. With that said, most Netflix subscribers worldwide do not have the chance to stream the show on the platform.

That is unfortunately related to the distribution rights as Criminal Minds is on Netflix USA and Netflix Japan only. Let’s dive in and find out whether the show will be available on Netflix UK or not.

Criminal Minds on Netflix UK

If you reside in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the answer to this question is unfortunately no. Netflix does not have the rights to stream the show in the UK. So don’t expect to see it on the streaming service anytime soon.

Worry not though, as there are many other ways of streaming it in the UK. Disney+ announced that it will be offering the beloved procedural drama in its library. And it has been doing so since April 9. We should also note that Disney+ offers all of the 15 seasons of the show, unlike other platforms which only have 11 seasons. You can also head to Amazon Prime Video to watch the various episodes of the TV series.

Will there be a 16 season of Criminal Minds?

It was announced that a new installment of the hit show had been in the works. The new season would be on Paramount+ and offer 10 episodes focusing on a single case. The revival idea excited the fans a lot. Though it has been a long time since we heard anything about it.

The current status of Criminal Minds season 16 remains unknown. In fact, it might as well be dead at this point. In the post below, Paget Brewster replies to a fan asking about the revival. She says that it is probably never going to happen.

The revival news sounded great as it is usually great to see shows like these return. But according to the tweet above, we will probably return rewatching the best episodes of Criminal Minds over and over again.

Who is in the cast?

The cast of the brilliant procedural included lots of great names. We listed some of the actors and actresses below.

  • Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia
  • Matthew Gray Gubler as D.r Spencer Reid
  • A.J. Cook as Jennifer Jareau
  • Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner
  • Joe Mantegna as David Rossi
  • Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan
  • Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss

If you live in the USA and wondering how many seasons are available in that part, the answer is 12. We currently do not have any information regarding the release dates for the last three seasons on Netflix USA.

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