‘’Craig is his own villian in many ways’’ Netflix Series Mr. Harrigans Phone’s on the Antagonist in His Spooky Flick

‘’Craig is his own villian in many ways’’ Netflix Series Mr. Harrigans Phone’s on the Antagonist in His Spooky Flick

There is no one as excited for Halloween as Netflix with its array of spooky content to give us the creeps. This year’s most anticipated spooky movie Mr. Harrigan’s Phone on Netflix is based on Stephen King’s genius novel of the same name. Apart from the inspiration, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is purely John Lee Hancock’s work of art. The Saving Mr. Banks director has not just directed the horror flick but also written it. Jaden Martell and Donald Sutherland mirror the brilliance of the crew behind the camera through their phenomenal performances.

The movie is set in the 2000s, not too close yet close enough to give you sleepless nights. Furthermore, the plot follows Craig who is a normal high school student. If being besties with your elderly neighbor who is probably thrice your age falls under your normal radar, then yes, Craig is a normal high schooler. The crux of the movie however is when Mr.Harrigan dies. And Craig can still chit-chat with him. A harmless conversation about ‘How was your day Craig?’ soon turns into Mr. Harrigan hunting down each person who upsets him.

Not Mr. Harrigan but THIS is the real villain in Mr.Harrigan’s Phone on Netflix

No stranger to Stephen King’s world, Jaeden Martell fits right into the horror flick. He played Craig who has for the past part grown on his own along with his father. Like most kids, Craig has a part-time job.  While it is a normal thing to have a part-time job, reading books to your neighbor isn’t the most ordinary one. But Craig and his neighbor both loved every second of it.

Therefore it doesn’t come as a shock when he gifts Mr. Harrigan the first-ever iPhone which was also the only iPhone at that time. And it also doesn’t come as a shock that Craig continues to dial Mr. Harrigan after his death. But things get questionable when each time he mentions a person that has hurt him they end up dying. In an interview with Benjamin Bullard, Martell said ”Craig is, in a lot of ways, his own villain”.

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The actor is referring to Craig’s struggle in trying to let go of Harrigan despite knowing the dangers. Being a teenager, Craig is struggling with bullying at his school. And throw in a supernatural element to this kerfuffle and things get out of hand. Check out Jaden Martell in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone on Netflix.

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