Could The Witcher and Blood Origin Be Connected?

Could The Witcher and Blood Origin Be Connected?

We have talked earlier about new improvements of The Witcher’s new prequel series Blood Origin. As we are waiting for Blood Origin to come, we also wait for The Witcher‘s second season too and this got us thinking. Wouldn’t it be good to see these two series-connected somehow?

A richer and expanded story can be provided

The audience has met Geralt of Rivia, Princess Cirilla, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and much more impressive characters in Season 1. The Witcher built the ground of the characters’ pasts. It also showed the chaos that remaining all over the Continent. And with the prequel series, we will go back 1,200 years before The Witcher. So, we will be watching how this chaos started in the first place. The prequel series will tell the story of the first prototype Witcher and the results of the conjunction of the spheres. That event led to the merging of worlds separating elves, humans, and monsters.

If we look from this perspective, Blood Origin can actually show us the events that laid till The Witcher and how it actually affects the main character’s world’s situations. So actually they are already connected somehow, but why not more? By providing more specific and connected backstories, Blood Origin can provide its audience a richer and expanded story.

Blood Origin has already affected The Witcher’s world

These two series can expand their stories‘ perspectives even much more if the prequel explores and introduces characters and their backstory of The Witcher. By showing the audience that how old events in Blood Origin affected The Witcher‘s world, they can explain their history much more clearly. As the conjunction of spheres is emerging two worlds, it led humans’ to conquer the lands of elves eventually. And this was the breaking point of the two worlds. So that would be great for us to see more if season 2 of The Witcher links to Blood Origin for further exploration of their conflicts back and now.

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