Corrections Policy

At Netflix Junkie, we strive to ensure that the information we furnish is accurate, verified, and equitable. In case a mistake or an error is made, we recognize the importance of acknowledging the same and working towards rectifying it. We also encourage our readers and contributors to provide us with feedback on our content.

The hallmark of quality and responsible journalism is to hold oneself accountable and acknowledge the need for prompt corrections after discovering an error. Thus, Netflix Junkie is dedicated to providing the correct information as soon as a mistake is brought to attention.

What is done when an error is spotted or reported in an Article?

  • When an error is detected within an article, we immediately find the correct information and show the corrections wherever appropriate. 
  • When our information is factually correct with an ambiguous explanation of those facts, the language shall be rewritten even after the piece is published. 
  • When an error is found by a reader and posted to the comments section in an article, the editor shall duly take note of that, and the error shall be timely rectified.
  • If we publish erroneous information on social media, we shall duly proceed with the same process as stipulated above, as per the platform’s mechanism.
  • If there exists a correction that changes the entire context of an article, we shall necessitate an editor’s note, with the addition of an explanation of why the rectification was required.
  • If a reader or any other entity says that the information presented in an article is inaccurate, we shall first investigate and, if absolutely necessary, take down the piece. In case the article warrants only rectification, the article shall be updated with the rectified information.
  • If, in an evergreen piece on the website, the documented info has changed over time, the Editor shall ask the respective writer to update the information accordingly.
  • If we come across a situation where the embedded content within the article is removed by the source publication, we will act in accordance with the context of the removal. If necessary, we would either rewrite the article to update our audience regarding the removal or withdraw the article.
  • If we are made aware that the image/video used in our article has infringed the copyright or is deemed unsuitable, we shall immediately remove the said image/video content from the article.