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‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Will Have Fabio Sachs As a Brand New Character, Does This Hint At Ciri’s First Monster Hunt?

Fantasy meets horror in the world of the witchers. Sapkowski’s Netflix adaptation has taken fans to a vast continent of The Witcher world which is now on its season 3. It evokes images of roving creatures, ethereal forces, and peril lurking around every turn both for its characters and the fans. And after the second season, we are all eagerly waiting for the third outing to bring us the blood-curdling killings of horrendous creatures by Geralt and the team. What makes us even more excited is the fact that the upcoming season will focus more on princess Cirilla’s character as she learns to manifest the powers she is born with.

Earlier we had an update about the fresh recruits at the school of Arteuza. Along with the mages, they also cast Stuart Thompson as Fabio Sachs for the third season. While both seasons of the series saw Geralt of Rivia fighting various monsters, season 3 will be no exception, and the casting of this new character sure is a huge threat for both Geralt and his child of surprise.

A poisonous dragon-like monster might land on the continent in The Witcher season 3

The story of Fabio Sachs in the books is linked to an encounter with a blood-curdling monster called Wyvern. Described as “a winged two-legged dragon with a barbed tail,” in the oxford dictionary; it might bring out the side of Ciri viewers are expecting now that she has trained at Kaer Morhen.

According to the text, Fabio Sachs, the son of Fabio Sachs Sr. worked with his father at Giancardi bank in Gors Velen. One day, the owner of the bank asks the young boy to show Ciri around while he chats with Yennefer. While they were out and about, they came across a man selling a “basilisk” from Zerikania. As Ciri saw the creature, she addressed the seller that it is actually a Wyvern.

The owner then put her to the test by challenging her to withstand its venom, which she happily accepts. However, it breaks through its cage attacking the owner, making Ciri kill it for once and all. Hence, although Sachs will supposedly be one episode character, he might bring Ciri to meet her first big monster opponent. 

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What are your thoughts about it? How do you think Geralt will react to the anecdote? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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