‘The Sandman’ Composer David Buckley Will Have Another One of His Masterpieces on Netflix This August

‘The Sandman’ Composer David Buckley Will Have Another One of His Masterpieces on Netflix This August

One just cannot underestimate the significance of a good soundtrack and the value addition it gives to any piece of content. Despite the big production, cutting-edge VFX, and breathtaking locations, a bad original score can potentially crumble the efforts into a fine powder of mediocre mess. No wonder fans of The Sandman were so anxious about being left in the dark regarding the composer of its live-action Netflix adaptation. But it looks like the music is in good hands just like the series.

David Buckley scores The Sandman

Finally, we can heave a sigh of relief. Variety recently confirmed that composer extraordinaire David Buckley will score the music for Netflix’s The Sandman based on the DC comics of the same name by Neil Gaiman. With a wide portfolio of works under his name, The Sandman is still probably the biggest challenge for Buckley.

From the horrors of the past, untold myths, and legends to horror as well as supernatural magic, The Sandman is anything but a simple story. The music palette will probably have to be tonally vast with several genres to encapsulate the nuances of the narrative. Despite the fantastical characters, the story unfolds with human emotions.

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David Buckley’s vision for the 10-part series

Early on, I also embraced the viola da gamba and baroque flutes.”, says David while discussing his process. To depict the big, overpowering moments, he also “embraced the full orchestra and a choir.” While outlining the supernatural, otherworldly features, he “incorporated some esoteric sounds that are intentionally hard to define.”

According to Buckley, the aim of the soundtrack was not just for world-building, but also to find the core and emotional fervor of every character. That’s probably the trickiest part granted that the characters are non-human anthropomorphic personifications of death, dream, despair, or desire.

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He reserved the solos and single instruments to elevate the subtler portions of the narrative. One can heat the enigmatic beats of Buckley’s soundtrack in the date announcement teaser with Morpheus’ voiceover as he enters the realm. The Sandman will premiere on 5th August on Netflix.

David Buckley’s homage to the 70s in The Nice Guys

On 9th August, just a few days after The Sandman, another David Buckley masterpiece will grace the giant streaming platform. The Nice Guys is a 2016 comedy thriller starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Written and directed by Shane Black, the story follows a down-on-his-luck private detective and a hired bounty hunter who end u working together in search of a missing young girl. Sex drugs and disco, along with the hilarious labyrinth of plots and conspiracy against the backdrop of the 70s, are only elevated by the amazing music score.

The Nice Guys’ soundtrack was a tribute to the groovy swinging times in the 1970s. The film features some classic singles like Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss, America’s A Horse With No Name, Earth, Wind & Fire icons like Boogie Wonderland and September along with Get Down on it by Kool & the Gang, and so many more.

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But what stole the show was undoubtedly the original soundtrack and theme composed by John Ottman and David Buckley. Loved for his classically inflected scores, Buckley pulled off a major flip by including authentic jazz sounds for the detective flick. The emotionally layered score features the brilliant combination of an orchestral ensemble alongside disco and the oh-so-funk-inspired guitars and bass.

Theme from The Nice Guys is the perfect piece to abridge the serendipitous yet unlikely friendship between the two leads. The creators wanted to set the film like a classic spy or a cop flick with a hint of retro. But it needed to blend in seamlessly with the odd-ball film released in 2016. And the composers hit the nail right on the head. Fragments of the theme song are sprinkled throughout the film. This especially elevates the build-up of the scenes with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.

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Which such promising content backed by an even grander music score, August can’t get here sooner. In the meantime, listen to the banging soundtrack of The Nice Guys on Spotify. Also, tell us your predictions regarding The Sandman.


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