Coming soon series and movies to Netflix in June 2021

Coming soon series and movies to Netflix in June 2021

Here’s a list of coming soon series and movies to Netflix in June 2021. Which titles will hit the popular streaming platform?

From licensed content to Netflix Originals, the huge library of Netflix keeps refreshing itself. Some of the shows and movies are leaving the platform while lots of others arrive just in time. So, what’s coming soon on Netflix?

Coming Soon on Netflix – June 1st

Flipped (2010)

Directed by Rob Reiner, Flipped tells about two kids that are in love.

Welcome Home (2018)

Starring Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski, Welcome Home is a thriller and it tells about a couple’s not-so-great holiday time. What’s better than starting your summer month with a holiday movie, with lots of horrors, of course?

Black Holes | The Edge of All We Know

Peter Galison’s 2020 documentary sheds light on the most mysterious phenomenons of space, black holes.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom – Season 2

The kid series will continue with season 2 coming on June 1st.

Seven Souls in the Skull Castle

Japanese stage performance that tells about the fight of seven souls against the threat in Skull Castle.

Super Monsters: Once Upon a Rhyme

Netflix Originals series will refine the classic fairy and nursery tales for children. It will also premiere on June 1st.

Coming Soon Series and Movies on Netflix (June 2nd – June 30th)

Kim’s Convenience – Season 5 (June 2nd)

The fifth season of the Canadian comedy TV show will be aired on the second day of telling more about Appa and Umma’s shenanigans.

Carnaval (June 2nd)

After facing the exhausting events of relationships and adulthood, a group of friends take a vacation in Salvador, during Carnaval. It would be a nice watch especially during times like these as we miss going to holidays and all that.

2 Hearts (June 2nd)

How about a romance movie telling about two people with a strange bond? 2 Hearts will be on the movie library of Netflix after June 2nd.

Alan Saldana: Locked Up – (June 3rd)

Mexican comedy Alan Saldana will return with its comedy special Locked Up on June 3rd.

Creator’s File: GOLD – Season 1 (June 3rd)

The first season of the mockumentary will air on June 3rd.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie (June 3rd)

One of the most popular anime series of all time, will be on Netflix with its most recent title.

Summertime 2 (June 3rd)

Do you know when I’m talking about a life-changing summer? Well, Summertime 2 is about that season of our lives.

Dancing Queens (June 3rd)

A girl who dreams to be a dancer is discovered by choreographer in a drag show. But if you aim hard enough, you will probably find a way.

Human: The World Within – Season 1 (June 4th)

PBS documentary series was acquired recently by Netflix. With the accompany of Jad Abumrad’s narration, The World Within will reveal the many wonders of human anatomy.

Xtreme (June 4th)

A fast-paced action movie tells you a revenge story of a retired hitman who is now planning to kill his own brother.

Sweet Tooth – Season 1 (June 4th)

Based on Jeff Lemire’s comic series, Sweet Tooth is a post-apocalyptic fairy tale. The producers of the show are Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey.

Sweet & Sour (June 4th)

K-drama directed by Lee Kye Byuk, will hit Netflix on June 4th.

Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats (June 5th)

A documentary about kittens and a journey to the world of cats, what else can you want?

Awake (June 9th) (Netflix Originals)

Coming from Netflix Originals, Awake is a sci-fi movie depicting world without electronics and ability to sleep.

Skater Girl (June 11th)

Skater Girl is an Indian-American title telling about a coming of age story. A young girl who fell in love with skateboarding will go on a harsh journey to reach her dreams.

Wish Dragon (June 11th)

Wish Dragon is a movie about a teen and a wish-granting magical dragon. The two pals are now in for an adventure through Shanghai.

Elite – Season 4 (June 18th)

One of the most popular shows on Netflix, Elite will stream on June 18th  and continue to show us what’s going to happen in Las Encinas academy.

Fatherhood (June 18th)

Kevin Hart’s drama will be released on Netflix right before Father’s Day. It is also based on a book called Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love written by Matthew Logelin.

Jagame Thandhiram (June 18th)

Jagame Thandhiram will tell about a gangster who has to pick good or evil in order to find where he belongs to.

Good on Paper (June 23rd)

Starring Iliza Shlesinger, Good on Paper is a romantic comedy and will stream on June 23rd.

The Naked Director – Season 2 (June 24th)

The Naked Director season 2 will take up where it has left on June 24th. The TV show tells about the story of Japane AV actress Toru Muranishi (Takayuki Yamada).

America: The Motion Picture (June 30th)

America: The Motion Picture will take the viewers on a journey throughout United States’ history.

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    Well since a Norsemen was canceled there is only a few other series that I enjoy so after the next season of Kingdom and Peaky Blinders is released im cancelling. It’s just too boring and repetitive now. Norsemen was a breath of fresh air in this woke world

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