Hot New Anime Streaming Fresh On Netflix–2022

Hot New Anime Streaming Fresh On Netflix–2022

Netflix offers us a plethora of anime, and its new set of anime shows will surely pique your interest. From fantasy dramas like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen to light-hearted comedies like Komi Can’t Communicate, a wide range of genres are at your disposal on Netflix.

This January, a whole new load of great anime has made their way into Netflix. To quote our beloved scientist, Dr. Stone, “Sosoru ze, Kore wa!!!” which simply translates to, “How exhilarating!!

List of Netflix New Anime 2022

There is a plateful of new sizzling anime shows on Netflix for the viewers this month. The new Japanese treasures on the streaming platform comprise a variety of genres and different production houses.

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From MAPPA to Kyoto animation studios, there is an anime for each and every mood. The Netflix list for new anime 2022 is below:-

  1. Shaman King season 1 part 3
  2. Komi Can’t Communicate
  3. Aggretsuko Season 4
  4. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Stone Ocean
  5. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2
  6. The Orbital Children (airs on 28th Jan)
  7. Pokemon Master’s Journeys: the series part 2 (airs on 21st Jan)

New Gems of The Anime World

Two of the shows from the above list aren’t part of a series continuation.

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  • Komi Can’t Communicate: It is a light-hearted comedy series revolving around a girl. Komi is a school girl possessing mesmerizing looks and angelic beauty. However, she suffers from extreme social anxiety and can’t communicate verbally with others. You will find yourself falling in love with Komi San and her desperate yet cute attempt to make friends throughout the series.

  • The Orbital Children: Based in 2045, this story is about two kids born on the moon and three kids from Earth who find themselves stranded because of an unfortunate accident on their space station.

This line-up of anime will light up your world, so catch these on Netflix as they release. Some are the series you have been waiting for and some are the new gems of the anime world. Buckle up and indulge yourselves in their stories and fantasies. 

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