Finding Ola – Will She Handle It All? Check Trailer, Cast, Synopsis, and More

Finding Ola – Will She Handle It All? Check Trailer, Cast, Synopsis, and More

Netflix offers us a fair share of international movies and TV. ‘Finding Ola’ is a new Netflix Arab original TV series. The show stars Hend Sabry. This comedy-drama brings back the widely beloved character, Ola Abdel-Sabour. Hend Sabry played the character of Ola in an exciting social drama, ‘I Want to Get Married’. However, the viewers don’t need to stream the previous series to watch ‘Finding Ola’. Let’s check out the interesting story of this upcoming series.

‘Finding Ola’ Netflix plot and more

This new social comedy-drama tackles the problems faced by a single mom. The series revolves around a strong-willed woman, Ola Abdel-Sabour, played by Hend Sabry. She has a ton of responsibilities on her shoulders. Carrying the title of a single mother, daughter, and pharmacist, she hardly finds any time for herself. She also pursues love; however, her responsibilities come up repeatedly.

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The show premieres on 3rd February 2022. Significantly, the series looks forward to impressing the global market. Having a pan-Arab appeal, the streaming platform is set to release subtitles in 32 different languages and 4 dubbed versions of the show. This light-hearted comedy series is gathering great appeal after the release of its official trailer on 21st January 2022.

Its premise is quite informative as it shares social values. Chiefly, it challenges local taboo and regional stereotypes in a subtle yet engaging way.

Hend Sabry as Ola after a decade

The famous Tunisian actress, Hend Sabry, is debuting as an executive producer in the upcoming Netflix Arab series. Playing the same character after a decade and raising nostalgia among the fans is an impressive feat by Sabry. Let’s hear her thoughts on the show:

“As a lady who reached her 30s unmarried, I keep recalling Ola Abdelsabour’s character whose stories stir my own memories. This is exactly why we decided to bring the character back to life in the new series Finding Ola,”

“This character tackled a key issue, which is growing older unmarried amid family pressure and the concept of being ‘incomplete’ if you’re single.”

“The easiest way to discuss such a sensitive topic is making people laugh and putting a smile on their face. This is exactly what caught my attention in the book authored by Ghada Abul A’al that we decided to turn into a series back then,” said the beloved actress in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

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‘Finding Ola’ on Netflix is a light-hearted comedy-drama tackling social issues and stereotypes. Will it prove to be an entertaining and informative watch?

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