‘Cobra Kai’s’ Young Cast Discuss Their Character Arc in Season 5 and How They Are Excited for It

‘Cobra Kai’s’ Young Cast Discuss Their Character Arc in Season 5 and How They Are Excited for It

Cobra Kai is coming back with a bang on Netflix with season 5. The show will land on September 9. And along with the fans, the young cast of the show is also excited to show their amazing skills once again. In each season of the show, we have witnessed many mind-blowing twists. Some new characters became a part of the Cobra Kai universe, while others struggled to find themselves throughout the show, and some exposed themselves to their true nature. Meanwhile, characters like John Kreese and Tory Nichols became the victims of their circumstances, and others like Kenny got exploited.

Amidst all the chaos and twists, the young cast of Cobra Kai opened up about their character arc in season 5. Xolo Maridueña, Mary Mouser, Jacob Bertrand, Peyton List, and Gianni DeCenzo talked about how excited they are about the upcoming season. They also revealed what the upcoming series meant for their characters. Let’s find out.

The young cast of Cobra Kai season 5 expresses their excitement

While we saw Tory in season 4, winning the All-Valley Tournament championship, she also caught Terry Silver talking about a bribery deal with the referee. Now, in season 5 of the show, she is going to mentor someone. Tory, looking out for someone else and teaching another character, made Peyton choose to continue with the show, and the experience was an amazing one for the actor. Jacob agrees with her and shares his character arc.

He also says this season will be a lot different because it also explores a different side of Hawk that he never thought about. In this season, Hawk is going to start at the top, which is really humbling for the character. Ginnie shares that his character has received the gift of the ability to work with others. Because of this flaw of Demetri, he has been hurt a lot as he’s not easy to work with. But this season will be a little different from what you’re expecting.

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Mary Mouser talks about the vastness of the Cobra Kai universe. However, it has been challenging for her character arc in season 5 of the show. She says that Sam keeps growing and Mary herself likes the different dynamics of her character, Samantha. She will work with strangers she hasn’t worked with before. This challenge will see Samantha in a different light this season.

And Miguel has been making some massive changes independently. Till now, whatever he had chosen or done, always benefited him and Johnny or his family and friends. Now, this season, we will see Miguel’s independent and mature side. This season, he will go through a learning phase that is much needed for Xolo’s character arc. “I think it’s an uphill battle for him,” says Xolo Maridueña about his character arc in this season.

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Every character is extremely excited about season 5 of the show. Their description of their character arc makes us feel like this season will be totally and unexpectedly badass. Are you also excited about the upcoming season? Stream the show here and share your favorite moments of these characters while we wait together for September 9.

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