Chuck D to Cherish the Creative Side of the Embattled Rapper Kanye West Compares Him With Salvador Dali

Chuck D to Cherish the Creative Side of the Embattled Rapper Kanye West Compares Him With Salvador Dali

Kanye West has never been the man who shies away from speaking his mind. The rapper has certainly built a name for himself but walking alongside controversies. From stage crashing to attacking other celebrities on social media, Ye made many mistakes over the years. However, 2022 was the year when he wrecked the mountain of controversies over his head and paved the path to his downfall.

In other words, we can say it was a year that robbed all his titles and money in a snap of the fingers. While the fans who once worshipped him for his artistic talents left the fashion and music mogul alone. But there is still one man who still cherishes his creative side and doesn’t see him beyond that. And it is no other than the founder of the famous hip-hop group Chuck D.

Chuck D wishes to focus on the bright side of Kanye West

Chuck D sat down with USA Today to promote his upcoming docuseries Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World. During the discussion, the rap pioneer was asked how he feels about Kanye West taking interest in public attention instead of following the real purpose of a musician.

The Public Enemy founder, who featured Ye in his fine art book, responded that he doesn’t wish to talk about the Donda singer beyond his music.

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“I don’t look at Kanye as being any different than Salvador Dalí. I’m gonna keep it to your art and go no further,” remarked the Grammy winner. Moreover, he stated that he has no intention to make any Black artist look bad in the public eye. So he would only focus on the change they are bringing in the world of music.

According to him, if he got involved in political conversations he would have ended up like WNBA star Brittney Griner. However, these comments came like a surprise since his songs like Fight the Power and State of the Union have claimed political views.

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What do you think about Chuck D keeping himself clear from Kanye West scandals? Tell us your views in the comment section and stick around for updates.

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