Chinese Lunar New Year 2021: Best Shows to Watch on Netflix

Chinese Lunar New Year 2021: Best Shows to Watch on Netflix

Chinese Lunar New Year shows for Netflix is here! Gathering around the TV with the family isn’t an official Lunar New Year tradition, but you may want to with the list below. Hong Kong Classics and more traditional shows on Netflix may have you and your family enjoying the time on Lunar New Year day!

From going to visit the family to giving gifts and eating traditional food, watching new shows on Netflix can be your new tradition to add to the list. Going to the cinema and watching films isn’t available for you to do this year but Netflix can do just the thing at your own house!

Here is the best Lunar New Year Classics Streaming on Netflix:

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World

The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

Synopsis: “In a world of chaos and turmoil, evil spirits awake, and gods gather. Young Yin-Yang master Qingming travels to Imperial City on his master’s orders, where he attends a Heaven Worship Ceremony. Qingming is tasked with sealing an evil serpent for good, preventing the serpent from waking from its 300-year slumber and plaguing the people once again. However, the now released serpent is mighty and powerful.

Qingming, together with a warrior named Boya, Master Long Ye of the Southern Territory, and Imperial Priest of the Department of Celestial Observation He Shouyue, team up to eliminate the serpent. In the midst of turmoil and crisis, an earth-shattering conspiracy involving the princess begins to surface.”

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World takes up the life of the Pui family. Money is the problem in the family and they get tight every day because of it. Bill Tung who plays the family patriarch works on a television job. There happens to be trouble with the family’s three daughters. One falls madly in love with her boyfriends, one has the dream of going to Japan and the youngest is an academic prodigy. The family, later on, wins the lottery and becomes rich, the adventure begins.

The Thirty Million Dollar Rush

The Thirty Million Dollar Rush is a 1987 Hong Kong action comedy film written and produced by the star who also acts in it, Karl Maka. It’s about an employee named fatty who one day discovers a shredding machine that crashed for a moment before resuming its operations. He discovers the amount of money in the banknotes and conspires the secret with his friends. The adventure of them trying to steal the money and seeking help is the subject in the film.

Wheels on Meals

If you would like some action in your Lunar New Year, then you should watch Wheels on Meals. The film sets in Barcelona, where Thomas and his partner David run a mobile fast-food operation. A private detective keeps tabs on Sylvia who is a beautiful girl that involves all of these three men in all sorts of trouble.

From Beijing with Love

If you would like to laugh then try Stephen Chow’s comic take on James Bond Movies. The story about a valuable dinosaur’s skull that has been stolen from China takes on the adventure. The only man who can solve this mystery is Ling Ling Chat. Effort and comedy is a mashup in this movie!

Tricky Brains

The plot for Tricky Brains is that a girl comes back from a trip to work incognito at her father’s company and falls in love with one of his workers. There are plenty of good laughs and forms of love in the movie.

The Magnificent Scoundrels

The Magnificient Scoundrels is one of Stephen Chow’s earliest hits and still the funniest. It’s known as a family gathering movie. The movie features a couple of con artists that are badly in debt. The pair comes up with a scheme to pay off the loan sharks that are hounding them. The humor is all around the movie.

An Autumn’s Tale

Tender romance is the stream of this show. The Hong Kong classic An Autumn’s Tale is another international offering, set in New York in the 1980s. A girl named Jennifer moves to New York and meets her boyfriend who is studying at university there. Her family arranges her to stay with her distant cousin Samuel. She soon learns that her partner has found someone else. A touching friendship between Samuel and Jennifer starts.

Fat Choi Spirit

Fat Choi Spirit is known to be a modern Lunar New Year classic about money, gambling, family, romance, and more. The star list includes Andy Lau, Gigi Leung, Louis Koo, and recurring. Andy Lau plays a mahjong player who never seems to lose. His suffering girlfriend puts a curse on him in frustration. What will happen while he takes him to appease his girlfriend and regain the favor of the mahjong gods?

The Diary of a Big Man

The comic situation in this movie is that Chow Yun-fat meets two women and falls in love with both of them. He has a hard time deciding between the two and does the natural thing and chooses to secretly marry them both and lead a double life.

All’s Well, Ends Well

A Lunar New Year hit from 2004 called Fantasia is home to Cantonese comedies of the 1970s. Fans of the era will have a throwback and love watching it! Sean Lau plays a parody of Michael Hui’s Mr. Boo. The film grossed HK$25,093,425 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run.

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