Check How Netflix Honored Twosday Tuesday With The Umbrella Academy’s Diego Hargeeves

Check How Netflix Honored Twosday Tuesday With The Umbrella Academy’s Diego Hargeeves

With the world celebrating Twosday Tuesday, Netflix took to Twitter to share a cheeky post for The Umbrella Academy fans. They shared a post of Diego Hargreeves played by David Castañada from the dysfunctional Hargreevers family. Among the superhero siblings, he occupies the 2nd position.

Starring Elliot Page, the show is an exciting watch about estranged superhero siblings reuniting after their father’s mysterious death. The show dives deep into the family dynamics while dealing with time-traveling, apocalypse, and superhero stuff. The Umbrella Academy concluded its second season last year and a lot has happened for all of its characters even Diego. 

What is so special about Diego?

Sir Reginal Hargreeves adopted 7 children and all of them had something specific about them. Born in October 1989 under mysterious circumstances, Diego was trained as a superhero ever since he was little along with his siblings. He grew up to be a hot-tempered bratty with superior martial arts skills. No one can beat him in hand-to-hand combat. Diego is also a master knife thrower. With his telekinetic powers, he can change the trajectory of any thrown object, but his choice of weapon is always a knife.

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Despite his abilities, Diego is often too insecure about his designation as number Two. He can never measure up to his older brother, Luther who is Number One. This self-doubt and a need to prove himself make him impulsive and hostile towards his other siblings. He was too rebellious for a career in the Police Force. In season 2, we saw Diego using his powers to manipulate bullets and we can safely say that his character will continue to improve in season 3. 

Season 3 of Umbrella Academy might introduce us to Kraken

Our Number Two superhero, Diego Hargreeves is also known by the name Kraken. He has the ability to hold his breathing for an unlimited amount of time underwater. But the creator of The Umbrella Academy, Jeremy Slater did not utilize his unique power in the show. Fans of Dark Horse Comics on which the show is based is well aware of this.

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