Celebrate the Legendary Career of James Caan by Streaming His Movies on Netflix

Celebrate the Legendary Career of James Caan by Streaming His Movies on Netflix

When James Caan‘s family announced his death on Thursday, it sent shockwaves across the film industry — not because he died at such a young age (he was 82). But because he seemed to have such a vivid and outsized personality that you thought he could live forever. In his old age, he hadn’t retired or even slowed down significantly. And we shall honor his tremendous filmography by streaming some of the best James Caan films on Netflix.

James Caan films available on Netflix

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and its sequel

James Caan truly had a varied career. His acting roles span from a hotheaded gangster to The President of the United States. There was noting that James didn’t so, even lending his voice to characters.

In the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies, Caan voices the role of Tim Lockwood, father of the main lead Flint. Tim is a  guy who doesn’t talk much. As a result in the film with he doesn’t have many dialogues.

However, it is the charm and warmth of James that makes Tim one of the most beloved characters in the movies.

Eraser (1996)

James always played the macho tough men in his films. Many of his characters can be branded as anti-heroes, but that’s what made his roles believable. They were not righteous men but rather humans with flaws.

However, in the 1996 action-packed Eraser, James lets go of all morals and tips over to the dark side playing the corrupt US Marshal Robert Deguerin. James’ stoic portrayal of the main antagonist is chilling, to say the least, but a must-watch for all of his fans.

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That’s My Boy

The range of James Cann knew no bounds. His acting abilities could easily make a grown man cry and even roll on the floor while laughing.

In 2012s That’s My Boy, James is at his comedic best.

In the film, Father McNally, a wedding celebrant played by James Caan, is a vulgar and violent parody of a Catholic priest. His comedic timing is at par with the likes of Adam Sandler and no one can forget his hilarious fight scene with Andy Samberg.

It Takes a Lunatic

Finally to end the list what better to watch than James Caan himself. In this documentary about the legendary acting coach, Wynn Handman actors from Alec Baldwin to Sandy Duncan all share their stories and experiences with the Artistic Director of The American Place Theatre.

James was one of the many actors who was discovered by Handman. And in the documentary, we see the private side of James like ever before.

All of these movies are streaming right now on Netflix.  Let us know your favorite amongst them in the comments below.

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