Catching Killers Season 2: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Docuseries

Catching Killers Season 2: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Docuseries

With Netflix, we are becoming familiar with the true crime genre, like Making A Murderer, The Staircase, The Tinder Swindler, Tiger King, and many more. These true-crime stories are fascinating to the viewers. These stories can happen anywhere be it your city, town, or in your neighborhood. No one really knows in which corner of the world a criminal is growing. Criminal activities involve not only murders or manipulations, it also involves drugs, extortion, sex trafficking, serial killing, rape, the list is endless. One such docuseries is Catching Killers Season 2.

Catching Killers season 2 is just another consequence of a true-crime story. It will continue in the same format just like season 1. Three murders will be stretched into four episodes, which will be a mixture of standard crime reconstructions, news clips, some footage, and a lot of interviews.

So, let’s dig deeper into the Catching Killers season 2 on Netflix.

What is Catching Killers season 2 about?

It will follow notorious killers in American history who were arrested by the police. The docuseries will have four episodes, and each episode will contain people like detectives, witnesses, and analysts, who down the crime for the audiences. Their crimes have affected a lot of people including common citizens and even disrupt the life of detectives and the entire police organization. Even the advancements in forensics and technology proved critical in the investigation.

Each episode will explore different stories of murder from the entire world.

Who features in season two?

Season 2 will explore the personal and crime lives of infamous killers. The first focus is on the BTK killer, aka Dennis Lynn Rade, who has taken lives of 10 people. The second episode will focus on Bruce McArthur, who was involved in killing of 8 men. The third and fourth episodes will cover Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman, who used to shoot people in drive-by positions.

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Catching Killers season 2 release date

They released season 1 of Catching Killers on Netflix on December 8, 2021. Just after a few days, the second season is here. The new season is already up on Netflix from February 9, 2022. Watch this docuseries, which will be a perfect way to enjoy the weekends.

So, sit tight and enjoy the docuseries.

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