Capone movie starring Tom Hardy criticized harshly by Netflix subscribers

Capone movie starring Tom Hardy criticized harshly by Netflix subscribers

Netflix subscribers didn’t welcome Josh Trank‘s 2020 movie, Capone, into the streaming service.

Capone is a movie directed by Josh Trank, starring Tom Hardy. It was released back in 2020 and added to Netflix just last week. Even though people knew it sucked – with a 4,7 IMDb rating and tons of negative reviews – they still gave it a shot on Netflix. The consequences were not good for them. Subscribers criticized the movie harshly and firmly advised people not to watch it.

Capone is not welcomed by Netflix users

One particular viewer has even called it the “worst film” they have ever seen, while another one remarked the inner dilemma they faced. “I like Tom Hardy as an actor and enjoy the ‘gangster’ genre. But this was awful.”, they have said, according to the Independent. Many viewers with the same kind of sentiments have advised against watching the film and criticized it even more harshly. Some others have said they could not even watch the whole thing, switching it off after viewing for some time. Here are some angry critics of the movie Capone, expressing their frustration at the film on Twitter.

What are the details of the Capone movie?

A movie follows the famous gangster life and talks about Al Capone after a long prison sentence. Deprived of his former power, sick with syphilis, and having lost all his friends and allies, he recalls the grave criminal past and the brutal crimes committed by his orders in the streets of Chicago.

played by Tom Hardy, Capone (2020) is directed by Josh Trank. The movie cast also starring Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon, Capone has not been very successful, with a 4,7 IMDb rating, 46 Metascore, and many unsatisfied viewers both in theaters and on Netflix. You can watch the movie from Netflix right now, at your own risk.

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