Can’t Get Over the Viscount? Watch These Jonathan Bailey Shows and Movies on Netflix

Can’t Get Over the Viscount? Watch These Jonathan Bailey Shows and Movies on Netflix

The world is going crazy right now over Jonathan Bailey. His role in Bridgerton as Anthony Bridgerton has made him a household name. The actor is especially praised for his charm and way with words in the series. Netflix also seems to be in love with Jonathan Bailey. And now that Bridgerton season 2 is out, there might be time before we see him again in season 3.

So, Netflix has some other shows and movies for you to watch and fall head over heels for the British actor.

Other movies and tv shows of Jonathan Bailey on Netflix

Netflix has movies of all actors, whether popular or yet to be discovered. So now that Jonathan Bailey is riding this huge wave of success how can Netflix not have more works by him.

If just like us you can not get enough of Jonathan Bailey. Here are some other films and tv shows with the actor for you to watch.


This amazing dark comedy show is the first-ever created by the immensely talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

The show follows the lives of six twenty-somethings who work as property guardians at a decommissioned hospital in return for lower rent and a rigorous set of rules. The show packs the perfect blend of emotions and laughter that we know Phoebe for.

The Young Messiah

If you want to see Jonathan in a more serious/ non-romantic role then The Young Messiah is the perfect choice for you. It follows the story of young Jesus who is starting to come to terms with the fact that He is sent by God as a savior of humanity. Jonathan plays the role of King Herod the Great in the film.

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If we learned one thing from the British version of The Office – We know that they can make amazingly hilarious workplace sitcoms. And that is what W1A is. The show is a mockumentary about working at the BBC and Jonathan is hysterical in it.

All of these shows and movies are currently streaming on Netflix.

So go stream them and let us know which character besides Anthony(of course) of Jonathan’s you liked the most.

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