Can You Watch These Scenes From the Fear Street Trilogy All Alone?

Can You Watch These Scenes From the Fear Street Trilogy All Alone?

Netflix has some of the best horror genre movies known to the fans, from classics to modern-takes like The Haunting of Hill House. One such horror-comedy movie which has been on the minds of fans is Fear Street. The plot revolves around a group of youngsters working to cure a centuries-old curse that has plagued their community.

Netflix released the three movies of the trilogy in consecutive weeks of July 2021, with the first movie releasing on July 2, 2021. If you want to check how tough you are, try watching the spookiest scenes from Fear Street. Just to give you a heads-up on what lies in the video.

The mall massacre (0:00)

Imagine staying alone in a mall. Creepy, right? Now, what if you are alone in a mall at night? Heather is in the exact situation at the start of the movie. To add to the horror, Heather finds out she has an uninvited visitor, and it is none other than the Skull Mask Killer.

After a few close calls, the hide-and-seek ends. Things go downhill pretty quickly for Heather as the Skull Mask Killer murders her, and she finds out her friend Ryan is the killer.

Hospital horror (2:35)

Dead bodies at a hospital sound pretty normal without any context. But, if the bodies are of the hospital staff with their necks cut wide-open, it gets weird. After Sam’s accident, Deena and Sam are in the hospital, and the Skull Mask Killer reappears to kill them. But this time around the killer’s victims narrowly escape as Deena finds out that Ryan is now a zombie.

The return of Ruby Lane (4:28)

After surviving an attack from the Skull Mask Killer, Sam and Deena try to convince the police of what just happened. Meanwhile, Simon finds another notorious serial killer just sitting on the footpath humming to herself. When Ruby attacks Simon, Deena saves him by shooting Ruby in the head. We even see Ruby quickly regenerating afterward.

The grocery store showdown (5:27)

This scene has possibly scarred everyone for the rest of their lifetime. This scene has shown us the gruesome ways in which someone can attack your head. While Simon gets his skull crushed by the Camp Nightwing Killer, the Skull Mask Killer pushes Kate’s head through a bread slicer.

The Skull Mask Killer also gets his head burned by Kate, but no one cared about him, so it is fine. This scene was worthy of being labeled as a climax.

The bloodiest vision (7:03)

This scene comes from the second installment in the trilogy series when Alice touches a blob in the cave under the camp. The blob in the cave seems alive and Alice ends up touching it, as the blob murmurs her name. Alice sees visions involving past murders in Shadyside and can’t forget them even as she removes her hand from the blob. More than the jump scares, something that disgusted the viewers was the blob.

No escape (8:01)

While Cindy and Ziggy defend themselves against the Camp Nightwing Killer in the mess hall, the killer reappears and kills Alice. Cindy again kills the demon with a shovel, so add another graphic scene to watch out for. In the end, a legion of killers brutally murders the sisters in the outdoors.

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This scene gives us hope, only to take it away at a later stage. Another showdown involves another pair of sisters, so the filmmakers surely know how to use a callback. Other horror movies somehow keep the protagonist alive, but not Fear Street, which makes the movie interesting.

The first massacre (9:44)

The filmmakers saved the worst for the last with this eye-popping scene, literally. Set in 1666, this movie explains the origin of the curse on Shadyside. When the villages find out that the pastor has locked himself up with the children, there is chaos in the village. Once the villages break in, we see them in utter shock as there are eyeballs on the floor and the children and pastor with hollow eye sockets.

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Let us know in the comments if you could survive the entire video.

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