A call from Stranger Things kicks off the third episode of Go Off

A call from Stranger Things kicks off the third episode of Go Off

Netflix has shared the third episode of its digital talk series Go Off, which kicks off with a call from Joyce from Stranger Things.

Netflix’s community of Spanglish content, Con Todo, is here with the third season of its talk show. Co-hosted by famous Netflix stars Jessica Marie Garcia and Julissa Calderon, Go Off is a digital talk & comedy series. They talk about various topics in different episodes. The latest episode draws attention to itself, as it starts with a phone call from Stranger Things’ Joyce. She speaks to Alycia Pascual-Peña, talking about Latino superstitions and zodiac signs. So, if you’re not a huge fan of that kind of topic, you may consider just passing this one.

What about Stranger Things season 4?

If you’re here for more Stranger Things and craving for some updates on season 4, there’s some disappointing news from it. We’re not going to see its release this month -what a surprise, right?- and the crew is not quite far in the production process. Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo had some information to share with us, which you can check out via this link.

What is the synopsis of Go Off?

Netflix describes its off-platform digital talk show as below:

“Produced by Netflix’s Con Todo, “Go Off” is a digital talk & comedy sketch series co-hosted by Netflix stars Jessica Marie Garcia (On My Block) and Julissa Calderon (Gentefied). Jess and Julissa – along with special guests – share their takes on the latest shows & movies they’re watching, pop culture chisme, and give unfiltered advice to fans.”

Stranger Things Joyce’s call to Pascual-Peña

You can watch the third episode of Go Off, starting with a call from Joyce, also including Jonathan in the scene. After the opening scene, Go Off starts and the stars begin to talk as usual. You can also watch the previous episodes of Go Off on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. Not to miss out on updates from the show, you can follow Con Todo on social media platforms.

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