Byron Baes Star, Alex Reid Slams Netflix for “Unflattering” Photos

Byron Baes Star, Alex Reid Slams Netflix for “Unflattering” Photos

Byron Baes is a reality show which explores the lives of a bunch of young influencers living in a dream destination, Byron Bay, in Australia. The show features influencers including Alex Reid, Saskia Wotton, Elle Watson, Elias Chigros, Jade Kevin Foster, Sarah Tangye, Nathan Favro, Hannah Brauer, Jessica Bell, Lauren Bell, and many more. These influences mostly they indulge in fun activities are drinking cocktails and surfing. And why wouldn’t be? They are living in a dreamy place with a gorgeous beach. If you check out their Instagram, their feeds are gorgeous and aesthetic, and they have a huge number of followers hooked to every word of theirs.

Recently cast member, Alex Reid was not so happy with Netflix. Why? Apparently the streaming giant shared some unflattering photos of his. And we have all the tea you need.

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Who is Alex Reid?

Alex Reid is a 29-year-old influencer, and one of friendliest members in the show. By profession, he is still a radio jockey, who has been living in New South Wales. Most times, we saw Reid away from fighting and conflicts in Byron Baes. He was responsible for bringing togetherness among the cast members. However, despite these exceptional qualities of him, he couldn’t stand Jade Kevin Foster’s huge following. He claimed in the show that Jade has fake followers.

Alex tries to keep his private life away from his professional life. He is a rare breed of influencers, who tries to remain reserved.

Alex Reid’s photos by Netflix

On March 16th, 2022, Alex Reid posted three photos on Instagram, and captioned them as, “just got my promo photos from @netflixanz… and wondering who I pissed off in the marketing team lol #byronbaes.”

Fans of Reid were quick to laugh along with him when they saw he was making fun of himself. That’s a significant characteristic of Reid because most of the influencers can’t take these types of photos of them.

Some of his fans even commented on his photos, poking more fun at the influencer’s photos. One follower commented, “The last one has a serial killer vibe, and it’s my favorite,” while another wrote, “You are an absolute legend your one-liners were bang on and your honesty is admirable!!

Needless to say, Reid sense of humor had the last word here. Byron Baes is streaming on Netflix.

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