Bridgerton Season 2 BTS Pictures Reveal a Wholesome Group of Friends Chilling on the Regency Sets

Bridgerton Season 2 BTS Pictures Reveal a Wholesome Group of Friends Chilling on the Regency Sets

Bridgerton debuted its season 2 on March 25. Excitement was at an all-time high after the creators teased Anthony’s romance this season. Apart from the major love triangle and new faces, this season had plenty of arresting subplots that made the wait worthwhile. The production recently shared some major behind-the-scenes looks from the set which shows the actors relaxing when they are not reciting their lines. 

The Sharma sisters look especially lovely in this shot. 

And we could agree more with this tweet. Queen Charlotte is really a wonder. She’s captivating in all of her scenes, maybe that’s why she’s getting her own show

The object of the Sharma sisters’ desire and ours. Jonathan Bailey looks dashing just holding a fan.

Luke Newton who plays Colin Bridgerton shared a montage of photos that displays the cast as good friends. Prudence is posing with a Bridgerton! Then there’s Luke Thompson just relaxing on a sofa. 

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BTS photos of Jonathan and Simone adoring each other off the set of Bridgerton season 2

They may have ruffled each other’s feathers onscreen, but the two – Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley, gelled well off-camera. Here’s a never been seen before photo of them practicing the dance at the ball. 

Sharing the same blanket because it’s cold and a kiss on the cheek. Who knew they could be so cute?! 

Getting ready for a scene after filling their stomach. 

More unseen photos from the show

We know you wanted more, so here’s one adorable picture of the entire Bridgerton family! 

When he’s not traveling, Colin can be found in the library. 

Taking a break from art and ladies, Benedict takes a pic with the kids of the family.

The Sheffields and the Sharmas don’t have bad blood between them, at least off-screen!

Eloise (Claudia Jessie) is playful when she’s not worried about the marriage mart. 

Folks, the Featheringtons when they are not plotting or scheming.

For all the poise and grace, here’s a drunk Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton! 

And here’s Simone still shocked she landed the role of Kate Sharma.

If you are still craving more go to this thread to have a full gallery of Bridgerton season 2 BTS pictures. 

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