Bridgerton is Now The Biggest Series Ever on Netflix

Bridgerton is Now The Biggest Series Ever on Netflix

Netflix’s original series “Bridgerton” became the biggest series ever on Netflix!

According to Netflix, the TV show has been named the streamer’s biggest show ever. With a record of 82 million households around the world tuning in its first 28 days, Bridgerton is on the roll! The series also cracked the streamer’s Top 10 list in every country except Japan and peaked at No. 1 in the U.S., the U.K., Brazil, France, and more. Bridgerton is based on Julia Quinn‘s best-selling series of novels. The series is set in the lavish, and competitive world of Regency London high society.

Jinny Howe is the VP, Netflix Original Series said: “Witnessing the fervor that the show’s producers, including the inimitable Shonda Rhimes. Showrunner Chris Van Dusen, and executive producer Betsy Beers, have created has been surreal.”

Also, Golda Rosheuvel shows her reaction to the series: “A huge moment to take in. WHAT?!?!? Over 82 million households watched the series globally in its first 28 days! … YOU did this you fabulous humans!! I am overwhelmed. Thank you. Much love.”

What’s the synopsis of the Bridgerton?

“Bridgerton follows Daphne Bridgerton as she makes her debut on Regency London’s competitive marriage market. Hoping to follow in her parent’s footsteps and find true love, Daphne’s prospects seem to be unrivaled.

But as her older brother begins to rule out her potential, the high society scandal written by the mysterious Lady Whistledown casts on Daphne. Despite that they want nothing the other has to offer, they find themselves engaged in a battle of wits while navigating society’s expectations for their future.”

Besides being a romantic drama, the show is also about love, families, and friendships who have scandalous things but with a little bit of fun in it! Moving from ball to ball, the show makes watchers feel like they’re in a fairytale.

Phoebe Dynevor, also known as Daphne to Bridgerton fans, shared her excitement on Instagram.

It’s really worth watching this biggest series on Netflix If you haven’t!

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