How Marilyn Monroe and Ken From Barbie Were Lovers Once

How Marilyn Monroe and Ken From Barbie Were Lovers Once

Marilyn Monroe romancing Ken sounds a tad bit weird, doesn’t it? After all, Ken belongs with Barbie. But Netflix’s recent post-shipping of the two seems to make perfect sense. Barbie actor Ryan Gosling and Blonde actor Ana de Armas do have really good chemistry on screen as evidenced in The Gray Man. But it isn’t the first time they have been paired. In their previous film, they did play sort of each other’s love interest. Before any director pairs them up again for a pure romance this time, this Netflix post might propel you to finally write a fanfiction starring these two.

Marilyn Monroe actress Ana de Armas was weirdly romantic with Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Netflix shared a montage of photos featuring the two stars exchanging looks under the purple lighting from two different movies. The first is the Russos-directed and recently released The Gray Man where Ana is a badass CIA agent who later joins hands with Gosling. The film was all heavy action which left no scope for romance. But they did have a few banters here and there. 

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And the second images are from Ridley Scott’s cyberpunk sci-fi movie, Blade Runner 2049. The 2017 movie is a sequel to the cult classic Blade Runner movie of the 90s. Gosling played a replicant cop on the hunt to track down Harrison Ford’s character. Ana and Ryan shared a weird romantic relationship in the film because Ana’ Joi’ was only a holographic girlfriend. But there were hints in the film that she had evolved beyond that. She had later tried to merge with a prostitute to comfort Gosling physically. We told you it’s WEIRD! But their romance didn’t end well, because the artificial intelligence was destroyed. Nevertheless, we want a real romance between the two without all the techie stuff! 

Ryan Gosling is currently shooting for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie with Margot Robbie. The movie is slated for release next year. The Cuban actress on the other hand is gearing up for another Netflix project, the Marilyn Monroe biopic – Blonde

Are you excited about their next projects?

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