‘Blade Runner 2049’: Why to Watch This Futuristic Sci-fi Thriller Starring Ryan Gosling? Check Sequel Updates And What’s Coming in 2099?

‘Blade Runner 2049’: Why to Watch This Futuristic Sci-fi Thriller Starring Ryan Gosling? Check Sequel Updates And What’s Coming in 2099?

A new chapter. A triumph. A cinematic miracle. Blade Runner 2049 sure is a mixture of everything science fiction fans yearn for. It is a visual feast for the eyes and would make you want to watch it again and again. While many slow-paced sci-fiction fail to intrigue the audiences till the end; this one will keep you glued to your seats with its visual charisma and a spectacular cast. But what is so captivating about the movie? Let’s figure it out.

What’s so intriguing in The Blade Runner 2049?

The storyline and of course the mise en scene of the movie! And well, how can we forget Ryan Gosling, a perfect entity for a romantic, handsome synthetic human! Director Denis Villeneuve wisely takes the theme of Scott’s Blade Runner and explores them from a new angle. Set almost 3 decades after its classic predecessor, Blade Runner 2049 chronicles the story of its robot K, his romance with Joi and their dream to become a human when humans have gone astray. 

Rick Deckard has vanished. The notorious Blade Runner has been missing since 2019, when he and Rachael escaped from the authorities, and in the process, also avoided the economic and social downfalls of the early 2020s. It’s now 2049. Replicants are now closer to humans than ever before, and Blade Runners are still used to “retire” the older models that went into hiding from the notorious “Blackout” of 2022. In Deckard’s place, “K” has taken the mantle of Los Angeles’ top Blade Runner. However, his world turns upside down when he discovers a box.

Apparently, the box has something that he believes are human remains. This discovery jeopardize Joshi, and he orders to destroy the evidence. But K decides to go otherwise. “K” tries to piece the evidence together, he comes to realise that one man is the key element in this mystery: the retired Blade Runner (1982), Rick Deckard, who has either disappeared or gone underground. But, is “K” allowed to unearth the truth? You can only find that out by streaming this masterpiece on Netflix.

Just to tease you a little more, what will intrigue more is the sexual tension between K and Joi, the hologram he created to fulfill his sensual desire.

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And you know what’s the best news? The story doesn’t end here. There’s a sequel coming anytime soon, and we can’t wait to share everything we know about it so far.

Blade Runner 2099- a sequel

As evident from the title, this latest real-action sequel will be set 50 years after the movie, Blade Runner 2049. Helmed by the executive producers Ridley Scott (director of the original movie) and Silka Luisa. Luisa is also writing the script and will be produced by Amazon studios, Scott Free Productions, and Alcon Entertainment. The series is currently under development at Amazon Studios. While everything is kept under wraps, sources hinted Scott may direct the sequel, releasing a potential production date soon.

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Do let us know in the comment section if you are already waiting for this slow-burn thriller.

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