Black Summer Season 3 Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and Trailer

Black Summer Season 3 Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and Trailer

What is the release date for Black Summer season 3? Fans of the post-apocalyptic TV series are curious about the next season.

Black Summer is one of the best zombie-themed series on Netflix. The second season of the show landed on the popular streaming platform in June 2021. After waiting for more than a year, fans of the realistic outbreak series finally watched the new episodes. Starring Jaime King, Zoe Marlett, and many other talented actors, Black Summer follows a group of survivors during the zombie outbreak. The series managed to get a good score from the audience thanks to its realistic approach to the apocalypse.

After, binge-watching Black Summer season 2, the fans are wondering whether Netflix is going to order another one. Has Netflix announced Black Summer season 3? When is the new season of the series coming out?

Is Black Summer Canceled?

The world’s leading streamer has not made any announcements about the show’s current status. Considering that the series returned only on June 17, the streaming giant is probably waiting for the viewership counts and the show’s performance on the platform. So we will have to wait some more to hear an official comment regarding the show’s renewal. We should also note that Black Summer is not canceled as the subscription service has not announced such news.

Black Summer Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the series landed on Netflix on April 11 2019 with eight episodes. Created by the same company that also created Z Nation, Black Summer hit Netflix again back on June 17 2021, with its second season.

Assuming that Netflix decided to continue with the series, we might see Black Summer season 3 in Fall 2022 or Early 2023. In any case, we will probably wait another year to see the third installment of the show.

Black Summer Season 3 Cast

In the earliest days of a zombie apocalypse, anything can happen to anyone. People can die and turn into a zombie in the blink of an eye. This is exactly what Black Summer offers as the series depicts an outbreak where human life is in danger every second. This also means that the cast of the series is always changing.

For example, some of the main characters in the first season died in an instant and turned into zombies. And in the second season, our favorite characters also got the same treatment. Yet again, we have listed the brilliant actors and actresses in the Black Summer cast. We might see them in season 3 as well:

  • Jaime King as Rose
  • Zoe Marlett as Anna
  • Justin Chu Cary as Spears
  • Christine Lee as Sun
  • Bobby Naderi as Ray Nazeri
  • Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz as Boone
  • G. Michael Gray as Freddie
  • Kelsey Flower as Lance
  • Sal Velez Jr. as William Velez
  • Kelsey Flower as Lance

Black Summer Season 3 Trailer

As mentioned earlier, Netflix has not made any official comments about the series. The streaming platform has to renew the series to order a new season. And the production might not start right away due to the pandemic-related restrictions.

It seems like we are going to wait for a long time to watch the Black Summer season 3 trailer. If the production starts in 2021, we might see a teaser video next year. Also, fans of this series should not get their hopes up as we probably won’t see anything about the series this year.

Here’s everything to know about the Black Summer season 3 release date. Stay tuned for further information about the series.

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