Billie Eilish Spends a Surprising Amount of Money on This Unusual Part of Her Body

Billie Eilish Spends a Surprising Amount of Money on This Unusual Part of Her Body

The pop sensation Billie Eilish has been ruling over the music industry with her back-to-back hits. Her music has earned critical acclaim from around the globe. At such a young age, Billie has scored seven Grammy Music awards and even an Oscar. The whole world, including idols of the K-wave phenomenon, was rocking to the tune of Bad Guy. And while a huge reason behind Eilish’s crazy popularity comes from her brilliant music, the Happier Than Ever singers’ style can also not be ignored.

Billie Eilish is quite the trendsetter. The chunk of platinum blonde and wolf-cut hair that we see moving around these days is courtesy of the Bad Guy singer. While she is mostly seen in her trademark baggy clothes and quirky sneakers, Billie does not confine herself to one style. She preaches self-love and growth. The Grammy singer also likes to treat herself as a part of self-love.

Billie Eilish is obsessed with THIS part of her body

Although she does it fairly well, given the Grammys and the Oscar awards, Billie Eilish does not need a mic to make a statement. Her outfit, attitude, and, most importantly, her nails are enough to have everyone’s attention. While on some days she goes elegant in beige and on others funky in green, the Happier Than Ever singer’s nails are always on point. Long, sharp, and intricately designed, they have a personality of their own.

The American singer-songwriter’s hands with an intriguing nail design have stolen the show at multiple award ceremonies. Her nail decorations are worth around $200 and also look spectacular. “Billie is a nail girl, through and through: She talks with her hands, she sings with her hands, she dances with her hands,” said Billie Eilish’s favorite manicurist Tammy.

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Furthermore, Eilish and Kylie Jenner both visit the same nail artist. It isn’t all about the glitz and glam for Billie. For the award-winning singer, nails are not just an accessory that she throws away after a red carpet event. Billie Eilish likes to keep her nails healthy.

Her nail designs may cost a lot, but there is a tip on how she keeps them healthy, estimated at only around $15. Eilish uses Thymolize, which comes in a little and is recommended by Hollywood’s favorite manicurist to keep your nails healthy. Not only does Eilish spend money on her nails but also a lot of time. The pop star likes to do at-home manicures as well.

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