Best Thanksgiving Family Movies on Netflix – 2021

Best Thanksgiving Family Movies on Netflix – 2021

Get your famous turkey recipe ready, because Thanksgiving Day is here. With family members coming together in the house, you have your turkey, dessert, and a great film to go with it. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the things in life, be it food, family, gratitude, and, of course, Netflix.

Instead of watching football, you can bring your family together in the Netflix land, where Netflix has something for everyone. So, sit on your cozy couch and scroll down all the content Netflix offers.

We have got you covered by giving you the best suggestion for the best Thanksgiving movies of all time on Netflix.

Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush is a 2019 feel-good comedy-drama film, which is the perfect way to start your Thanksgiving day. The film makes us feel we are ready for the holiday spirit. A widowed father loses his radio DJ job, just before the Christmas holidays. Given his situation, he was worried, as his spoiled kids may not entertain his solution. But, soon they all learn family is the greatest gift of all. When you have your family around, you know for sure that really counts.


Holidate is a 2020 romantic-comedy-drama film, which is perfect for those who are single in this holiday season and have to face all the invasive questions. Emma Roberts, a young girl in her late 20s, is the only single person in her family. All her other sisters are married and have kids. Hence, her mom forced her to date someone.

Luke Bracey is another single person facing the same issue. So, they decide to be each other’s plus one just for the holidays, “holiday+date = holidate”, to avoid their families’ invasive questions. The complicated relationship makes them fall for each other.


A 2020 adult comedy film, where two best friends suffering from breakup and divorce decide to have a low-key Thanksgiving, away from their family. But little did they know, their low-key Thanksgiving turns into a chaotic celebration when they invite a new boyfriend and a mutual friend.

Mitchells vs the Machines

Mitchells vs the Machines is a 2021 animated film for all the younger kids out there. The plot of the film centers around the Mitchell family when they go on a road trip that gets interrupted when the electronics come to life.


Beethoven is a classic film from 1982, which is going to uplift your mood in just a few seconds. The heartwarming story of a family where the father lets the kids adopt a St. Bernard puppy. But little did they know that their family life will turn upside down when a vet tries to steal Beethoven for a deadly experiment.

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