Superhero Movies and TV Series on Netflix

Superhero Movies and TV Series on Netflix

What are the best superhero movies and TV series on Netflix? We have listed the best ones for those who enjoy some superpower action.

The library of the world’s leading streamer offers lots of titles from various genres. Almost anyone can find something to watch in the huge library. Among the genres, there is of course superhero genre which is full of amazing TV series and movies. The tales of the people with superpowers have been told over and over again in the entertainment industry.

Recently, the streaming giant also introduced a new series based on Millarworld, a fictional superhero universe created by Mark Millar. The new superhero TV series called Jupiter’s Legacy could not get a renewal for the second season. Though Netflix is not going to step back and will continue offering new projects for those who enjoy watching titles from the superhero genre. While waiting for new superhero movies and shows, we have listed the best ones to watch right now.

Some of the series below are Netflix Original titles in addition to the licensed content. So before we dive in, let’s note that a certain movie might not be available in your country. This is usually related to the distribution rights or localization process.

Best Superhero Movies and TV Series on Netflix

Jupiter’s Legacy

The most recent superhero series on the platform, Jupiter’s Legacy takes viewers on a journey to the Millarworld. The series follows a generation of superheroes and their legacy of superpowers. Jupiter’s Legacy also investigates the concept of passing the torch to the youth and how they embrace the legacy. Though the series depicted an unusual and interesting setting, Netflix has cancelled the show and decided to tell other stories from the same universe.

Do not think that the series is bad though, even though it is not renewed, Jupiter’s Legacy is a great series to watch for the fans of the superhero genre.

Marvel’s Daredevil

Daredevil is not only one of the best series on Netflix, but it is also a solid superhero show that we have seen in recent years. The series offers a great narrative that will keep you invested for a long time. It follows Matt Murdock, a young man who lost his ability to see in a radioactive accident. After losing his father, Murdock tries to preserve justice by being a lawyer in the day and a criminal in the night.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Starring Tom Holland as the Spider-Man, the first movie of the reboot franchise offers the long-awaited Spider-Man tale. Fans of the superhero know how great this film was. And it is available on the world’s leading streamer as well.

Bhavesh Joshi

Best Superhero Movies and TV Series on Netflix
Bhavesh Joshi

This one is a great recommendation for those who are looking for a different taste in the superhero genre. The Hindi series takes viewers on a journey to witness the story of a vigilante. Our protagonist named Sikander turns himself into a superhero and fights the injustice that is poisoning his city.


The true fans of the superpowered-actions know that Watchmen is a solid superhero movie lasting 2 hours and 42 minutes. The long and brilliant story of Watchmen is clearly a milestone in the genre and definitely deserves to be on your list. It is one of the best superhero movies on Netflix.

Here are some of the best superhero movies and TV series on Netflix. Have a look at the platform to find out other titles in the genre.

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