Best Games Shows Available on Netflix

Best Games Shows Available on Netflix

One of the most popular genres right now on Netflix is the game show genre. Viewers seem to really lap up the content of this genre. Netflix has a huge section filled with such shows. The audience can take part in the stories like they are a part of the game. Audiences really like the adrenaline rush and how the plot unfolds.

If you want to watch more shows, we got you covered. Here are the best four shows on games available on Netflix.

You Vs. Wild

You Vs. Wild, presented by Bear Grylls, is an interactive special with a twist. Each episode brings our favorite Bear Grylls into nature, where his adventure plays out just like Man Vs. Wild. The twist here is that the fans get to choose his actions for survival. The actions for survival can result in failure or take Grylls to the correct path. Fans really feel that they are a part of Grylls’s adventure.

Squid Game

Squid Game is the new South Korean show. The plot of the show develops around a survival game where the children’s games turn deadly. Squid Game has nine episodes that are full of suspense and thrilling with multiple cliffhangers. 456 players who desperately need money join the competition.

Alice in Borderland

The Japanese Netflix series Alice in Borderland is built on the premise of “you play and win a game OR YOU DIE!” The plot develops around a video game lover with his two friends finding each other in a parallel world in Tokyo. In this place, they are forced to play different games for survival. Here, the players survive with each other, not against each other.


3% is a young adult Brazilian series, which has become quite popular on Netflix. Still now, all the shows are about adults, but why should adults have all the fun?

The plot develops around the totalitarian government giving a chance to the twenty-year-old to escape poverty, become rich, and live on a paradise island. But there’s a twist, the perfect candidate needs to go through a lot of processes and a series of tests to evaluate the perfect one. The test begins with a simple interview and can go beyond solving crime.

All these shows are currently streaming on Netflix.

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Which one will you be watching? Have we missed out on your favorite game show?

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