Best of Shonda Rhimes – The Grey’s Anatomy Creator on Netflix

Best of Shonda Rhimes – The Grey’s Anatomy Creator on Netflix

The reign of Shonda Rhimes has officially begun with Bridgerton. She has created a lot of inspiring and popular shows and films and many more of her shows are coming up on Netflix. She claimed, “The future of ShondaLand at Netflix has limitless possibilities.

Rhimes has created some genius shows like Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Crossroads, and many more. She has recently opened on her deal with Netflix. Rhymes told The Hollywood Reporter, “The first thing I said was, ‘You’re not going to get another Grey’s Anatomy—not Grey’s Anatomy in a cornfield, Grey’s Anatomy on a baseball field or Grey’s Anatomy at an airport, that’s just not happening. I just want to be in a place where I can make stuff and no one’s going to bother me or make me feel like I’m beholden.”

Bridgerton, a period drama inspired by Julia Quinn’s novels, is the first of Shonda Rhimes on Netflix. Many more like The Residence, The Warmth Of Other Suns, Christmas classic Hot Chocolate Nutcracker are coming.

So, if you want to watch best of Shonda Rhimes, we got you covered. Here is the list of the best works of Shonda Rhimes.

Grey’s Anatomy

The longest-running show of all time, Grey’s Anatomy, is a medical drama that develops around the life of doctors and nurses at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The show has pulled off a plane crash, sinkholes, broken love affairs, it has it all.

According to Deadline, “the long-running series will continue until Pompeo is ready to turn in her scrubs.”


Scandal is an addictive drama about politics. Kerry Washington played the role of Olivia Pope. Her character is an American politics veteran, and she used to be the media consultant of the President. After retiring, she starts her own crisis management firm. But there’s a twist. She soon realizes her employees are not as innocent as they look.

How to Get Away with Murder

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating starred in How to Get Away with Murder, and she shines like a queen. Annalise is a law professor at Philadelphia Law School. She is a dedicated professor who spends her day teaching law students. But her life went upside down when she came to know that she was entangled in a murder case.


Bridgerton is a passionate adult romantic period drama inspired by the novels of Julia Quinn. There are eight novels by Quinn and every novel states the life story of Bridgerton’s children. So, the plot is already decided, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Station 19

Station 19 develops around the life of firefighters who are struggling daily to stop the destruction. Andy Herrera is the daughter of the captain of Pruitt Herrera. Andy’s only dream is to be a great firefighter.

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Which of these shows have you seen or will be watching soon?

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