Best Movies and TV Series on Netflix This Week

Best Movies and TV Series on Netflix This Week

Netflix released new series and movies in June 2021. We have listed the best movies and TV series on Netflix that are available right now.

The popular streaming platform has released numerous new movies and TV shows this month. Even though June is not over yet, our favorite streaming service has added great titles for us to sit and binge-watch all day long. Among them, there are amazing documentaries like Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet. You can also get your monthly fix from Kevin Hart’s drama FATHERHOOD. And for those who are looking for action-packed survival horror, Black Summer has returned with its second season.

In the list below, we have recommended some of the best movies and TV series on Netflix this week.

Best Documentary on Netflix in June 2021

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet is a solid docuseries focusing on the effects of humankind on our planet. With the company of Sir David Attenborough and Johan Rockstrom, prepare yourself to witness the brutal results of our daily comfort and how it affects the environment. The docuseries landed on Netflix on June 4 and it is now available.

Best Anime on Netflix in June 2021

The world’s leading streamer is keen on adding new anime series to its library. Each month, the streaming giant releases another beloved anime series to make the hardcore fans happy. Although some of them are still in Netflix Jail, you can watch Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie right now. The brilliant anime movie is now available on the platform with Part 1 and Part 2.

And we should also state that Beastars is probably on its way as well. So the fans of the series should not be worried.

Best TV Series on Netflix in June 2021

Although some of the most popular series have returned with their new seasons this month, there are also new Netflix Original series that you can watch right now. In addition to Elite season 4, you can also give Katla season 1 a chance. As you have probably binge-watched the fourth season of Elite, you might want to consider watching the Netflix new original Icelandic sci-fi series.

Best Movie on Netflix in June 2021

Our favorite comedian Kevin Hart returns with a heartwarming story. FATHERHOOD follows a widower and his daughter as he tries to tackle one of the most difficult missions in life: being a father. Directed by Paul Weitz, FATHERHOOD is also among the new releases on Netflix in June 2021. The movie deserves a chance if you are a fan of Kevin Hart and also want something more emotional to watch.

Here’s the official synopsis of FATHERHOOD

This Father’s Day weekend, Kevin Hart stars in a heartwarming, funny and emotional true story about a widower taking one of the toughest jobs in the world: fatherhood. Alfre Woodard, Lil Rel Howery, DeWanda Wise, Anthony Carrigan and Paul Reiser round out this all-star cast. Directed by Paul Weitz and based on the uplifting memoir by Matthew Logelin.

Well, here are some of the best movies and TV series on Netflix that you can watch this week. As we mentioned earlier, the month is not over yet. So there are still upcoming shows and great titles for you to enjoy in Netflix’s huge library.

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